Photo: Courtesy of KO Distilling

KO Distilling’s Black Friday Bare Knuckle Whiskey Release

Black Friday is infamously a day for buying the newest and coolest gifts in preparation for the holiday season, but this year won’t just see the latest toys and tech making their debut. KO Distilling is releasing a line of new whiskeys, just in time to get a present for the spirit lover in your life.

The celebratory release on Black Friday, November 23 features six new products from KO Distilling’s Bare Knuckle Single Barrel line, including Cask Strength (118-125 proof) and 90 proof versions of their Straight Wheat, Straight Rye and Straight Bourbon Whiskeys.

“Cask Strength versions are bottled directly from the barrel without dilution, and can range from around 118 to around 125 proof,” says Bill Karlson, cofounder, president and sales and marketing director of KO. “Bottling our Bare Knuckle Whiskeys at this higher proof produces a wonderful depth of flavor and heat.”

Speaking of the distilling process, KO is committed to using 100 percent Virginia-based grain, and including the ingredients used in their Bare Knuckle whiskeys.

“We plan to use over 300 tons of locally grown grain, helping our Virginia agricultural economy,” says John O’Mara, cofounder, president and head distiller at KO.

The hand-selected Bare Knuckle Single Barrel whiskeys will be released in limited supply and can only be found at KO Distilling. Join them for their commemorative release to get your bottle with a Black Friday deal that includes a “Single Barrel” special label, unique bottle number and handwritten signatures from cofounders Karlson and O’Mara. The distillery will also offer a 20 percent discount on all their spirits for Black Friday.

Join KO Distillery on Friday, November 23 from 12-7 p.m. for the celebratory release of their six new Bare Knuckle Single Barrel products. You can also reserve your commemorative bottle today at

KO Distilling: 10381 Central Park Dr. Manassas, VA; 571-292-1115;