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Tenacious D at The Anthem

The Anthem was bursting at the seams last night as Tenacious D entertained 6,000 fans who have clearly been excited for the show.  This is the band’s first tour in five years and the first time visiting the District since their show at the Patriot Center in 2006. This would explain the obvious excitement from the fans who were present.

Jack Black and Kyle Glass took the stage behind a semi-transparent movie screen where they performed their latest release, Post-Apocalypto in its entirety. Cartoon illustrations drawn by Black were projected onto the movie screen to entertain the crowd. The stage lights appeared for musical selections before giving way to the illustrated story on the screen. Approximately 30 minutes into the set, Post-Apocalypto concluded and the screen fell to the ground as Black announced a set change

“What other band helps out with their set change?” Black joked. “This is the part of the concert where we play the classics!”

The crowd cheered loudly and Tenacious D kicked then performed 12-songs from “way back.” These tunes included “Kickapoo,” “The Metal” and “Kielbasa.”  It was definitely an entertaining evening and not one Tenacious D fan left The Anthem disappointed. Wynchester opened for the evening. Photos/write-up: Shantel Mitchell Breen