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Seeing Deeper At National Cathedral

Deep blues, striking reds, soothing greens and princely purples. Washington’s National Cathedral was awash in a remarkable array of shifting colors on the first night of its annual week-long “Seeing Deeper” program February 5-9.

With the building’s central nave completely cleared of chairs, the public was invited to experience the Cathedral’s vast open space. “Space, Light and Sound,” an ever-changing kaleidoscope of revolving hues, patterns, shadows and colors splashing the Cathedral’s Gothic architecture provided unique and stunning views for hundreds of visitors.

Attendees were invited to prayer and introspection while accompanied by soothing sounds of the harp and flute. Or people could simply sit, lie or wander in awe throughout the nave. At 8:45 p.m., the sanctuary was cleared of visitors so that we could set up our tripods and photograph the cavernous sanctuary devoid of chairs and people. Visiting the open and empty Cathedral was a special and rare opportunity, but to experience its open spaces glowing with a myriad colors was truly exquisite and humbling.

The Washington National Cathedral is open to, and welcomes, all persons regardless of denomination, nationality or personal beliefs. Look for next year’s announcement of “Seeing Deeper” in January 2019 or to get more information about the Washington National Cathedral’s many programs go here. Photos/write-up: Mark Caicedo