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Ramen World 5 at Mess Hall

In a city that’s home to some of the best ramen spots in the country, there’s few things more exciting to noodle and broth enthusiasts than packing them all in one spot. Mess Hall’s Ramen World 5 showcased classics, reinventions and new favorites. The event reminded hungry attendees of their love for the food and gave them much to look forward to from restaurants, both new and beloved.

Daikaya provided diners with the most creative spin on ramen – a sandwich that substituted bread with, you guessed it, paired with fried fish, cheese and a tangy take on tartar sauce. Paper Horse’s natto and hot mustard ramen added interest with quail eggs and mustard for guests to add and mix in to their liking. DC dining phenoms Bad Saint contributed a Filipino take on the dish that was worthy of every bit of praise the restaurant itself has received in recent years.

Non-ramen dishes stood out, too, with onigiri makers Kombini shedding light on the snackable rice based foods, and the spicy kelp variety gave a nice change of pace from the noodle-based dishes. To satiate your sweet tooth, Momo Yakitori set up shop outside to share their interpretation of smores, a concrete-colored marshmallow slab with sesame flavor both savory and sweet

Although at times the lines snaked through the labyrinthine halls, there was never an Ichiban tap far from a queue to tide over everyone eagerly waiting for their next bite. As DC rises in the ranks as one of the top destinations of innovative cuisine, Mess Hall continues to excite locals with another successful run of Ramen World. Write up: MK Koszycki // Photos: Trent Johnson