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New Order at The Anthem

“We are sorry it took us so long to get back here,” Bernard Sumner, lead singer of New Order, announced to the crowd at the sold-out Anthem on Tuesday. “We have been apologizing to every state we visit.”

Well, it was worth the wait as New Order’s performance exceeded expectations. They played continuously for two hours, treating their fans to an array of classics. The most impressive aspect of the show was the creative variations the band used. They didn’t just perform their music as it was written, rather they extended and improvised throughout the evening. It was evident they were having just as much fun on stage as their fans were having.

Highlights included “Love Vigilantes,” “Your Silent Face” and “Subculture.” The band performed in front of massive screens projecting dynamic visuals including jellyfish, song lyrics and videos of waves and beaches. New Order closed out their evening with an encore consisting of three Joy Division songs, ending with “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” Enjoy these few photos from the evening. Photos and write-up: Shantel Mitchell Breen