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Hippo Campus and The Districts at 9:30 Club

“Why even try to change?”

The crowd sang as Hippo Campus played a sold out show at 9:30 Club on October 24. Following up on their successful debut album Landmark, Hippo Campus is touring on their latest release Bambi. The show’s set list was a nice mix of old favorites and new tunes. It started with their new album title track “Bambi,” proving the band’s sound diversity. The track adds a new layer of electronica and synths to their already upbeat indie rock.

Songs like “Suicide Saturday,” and “Way it Goes,” were performed beautifully thanks to Nathan Stocker’s bright guitar sound and DeCarlo Jackson’s amazing saxophone and trumpet solos.  The band closed off the set with hit song “Buttercup,” but came back with an encore of “Violet.” As Hippo Campus walked off the stage, all the audience could talk about was where they would take their music next.

The Districts opened, touring on their 2017 album Popular Manipulations. They showed energetic performance through Rob Grote’s raw voice and super-distorted guitar riffs. While they played music from previous releases, the performance was more experimental, as they are currently writing for their new record. Photos/write-up: Mike Kim