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Hayley Fahey at Gypsy Sally’s Vinyl Lounge

Hayley Fahey brought her big, soulful voice to Gypsy Sally’s Vinyl Lounge on July 14, and although the audience turnout was somewhat disappointing, that didn’t distract from a crisp, fun show that showcased her powerful songwriting and a few spirited covers. Along with John Trupp on lead guitar and backing vocalist Tatiana Varela, Fahey put on a show that demonstrated just how determined, professional and talented she is as a performer.

Fahey refers to her music as “an indie-pop-country fusion,” a brew that’s reflected on her first album, Sweet Red, released in May 2016. The expertly crafted and produced songs make Fahey’s debut CD a must-listen for supporters of local music. She has been making music since she was three years old (playing first piano, then guitar and ukulele) and from the sound of things, that won’t be changing for a long, long time. To find out more about Fahey, her music and future tour dates, visit her website.

Photos and review: Mark Caicedo