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David Wax Museum at The Hamilton

This past year included many unexpected surprises; some quite pleasant, others not so much. For many of us, we suffered through the loss of musical heroes, political defeats and personal setbacks. However, we also saw glimmerings of hope and love.

Ending the year with the music of David Wax Museum was a beautiful reminder of just how joyful life can be. At the Hamilton Live on December 29, the performance helped all of us close 2017 on a cheerful note with carefree, multicultural, Americana rock music and that warm feeling that nothing else matters but being in this place at this moment with these people.

David Wax Museum includes founders David Wax and Suz Slezak, augmented by Anthony Da Costa on guitar, Danilo Henriquez on drums and Ben Kogan on bass. The beautiful noise they make together is a melodic stew of Mexican ranchera and salsa, Appalachian folk and bluegrass, and old-fashioned blues-based rock ‘n’ roll to which you cannot help but move your feet (not to mention everything else).

Photos and write-up: Mark Caicedo