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Courtney Barnett at The Anthem

There’s too much to say about Courtney Barnett‘s July 24 performance at The Anthem. A number of people asked if the show would be one of the sit-down setups the venue offers, and On Tap’s official response to those inquisitive people was “she’s a rock star.” Barnett, touring on the heels of her latest release Tell Me How You Really Feel, delivered on the rock part as expected. Her lyrics can be chanted, sung and gravelly screamed, and her guitar abilities were on full display as she plucked the strings of various looking instruments. As for the star part of that compound word, Barnett bounced and danced to her music as if she didn’t know what was coming next, providing a weightless jubilation when the pace quickened and emoted colossal feels when it slowed. Vagabon and Julien Baker opened for the Australian native. Photos: Mike Kim