Photo: Matt Hogan
Photo: Matt Hogan

Caroline Rose Dug Her Own Grave

I’m almost ashamed to admit that it wasn’t Caroline Rose’s music that first caught my attention, it was her powerful aesthetic. When you’re doing the Music Picks at On Tap, and you don’t recognize a band, sometimes you make a judgement call on whether to give them a listen or not based on their artwork or […]




funk parade dc

DC Brings the Funk: U Street’s Funk Parade

There’s no disputing that DC – the birthplace of go-go music…
Tal Wilkenfeld

Tal Wilkenfeld Painting Out Of Her Corner

When rock music moved from the club and the theater into the…
Friday Night at Yards-33

Sounds of Summer at Yards Park 2016

The summer comes alive at Yards Park on Friday nights. Blankets…
DJ Cleveland Browne

DJ Cleveland Browne

Thirty-five-year-old Cleveland, Ohio native Kellie Thomas…
Alison Carney

The Hidden Ace of DC Singer Alison Carney

Alison Carney is a testament to the great talent that can…
Live at 9:30

Live at 9:30 Hits National Airwaves

The 9:30 Club isn’t just DC’s favorite concert venue. It’s…
april music dc

This Month in Music: April 2016

SATURDAY, APRIL 2 King Soul and Texas Chainsaw Horns Retro,…

DJ SAAM at ShamrockFest

Eleven years in and Montgomery County-born DJ SAAM cites “[having]…
Tal Wilkenfeld

The Transformation of Tal Wilkenfeld

At 29 years old, Australian fusion musician Tal Wilkenfeld has…

Scythian Takes the Stage at ShamrockFest

A family of second-generation Ukrainian immigrants playing Irish…