Photo: courtesy of INWEGO

INWEGO Brings City Experiences At Reasonable Price

The District has much to offer from its historical monuments, the Smithsonians, its defending champion baseball team, performances at The Kennedy Center and larger than life festivals that take place around the city. INWEGO, a newly created subscription-based app has hit the market to give Washingtonians the opportunity to experience the city life at its […]


4 Road Trips in the Extended DC Area that Showcase Fall Color

The word ‘road trip’ might bring back memories of traveling across the country with your family, or maybe you think of spontaneous weekend trips with friends. With so many stunning routes and destinations in the DC area, you don’t have to go far for a beautiful scenic drive with good company! As the weather starts […]

Closeup of 5 glasses of beer in the sunlight at an outdoor beer garden - beer flight

7 DC Brews To Enjoy During Fall

Bars are changing their tap lines to get you in your fall feels. It’s time to say goodbye to the summer ales and fruity goses, and pick up a fall brew!  Fall craft beer is more than pumpkin spice flavors and Oktoberfest varietals. Although there’s nothing wrong with a gourd-inspired beer, this is the season […]

5 Reasons to ‘Wine’ Down with DC Wine Walk This November

Looking to connect with like-minded wine lovers and sip some of the best crushed grapes our city has to offer? The upcoming DC Wine Walk on November 16th is the event for you. If you attended last year’s wine walk, you’ll be excited to hear that even more stops have been added along the way. […]

Discover Something Fun to Do Every Single Day of October

It’s a busy month with a lot going on. To help you decide what to do, we picked one event for each day this month to take the guesswork out of how to make the most of your October. Tuesday, October 1 Underground Comedy at The Big Hunt Join the funniest people in DC for […]


6 Fun Places to Volunteer in DC This Fall

As the summer winds down, and travel plans slow, I often find myself looking for ways to feel more integrated in my community. If you are feeling similarly, and want to meet likeminded individuals, I have some ideas for you! D.C. is full of amazing organizations that give back in a variety of ways, so […]

5 Places You Can Go Hiking in DC Without Leaving the City

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you have to schlep an hour or more away to find a good hiking trail. Thanks to the abundant amount of public parks and preserved wooded areas in D.C., you can easily go hiking without having to leave the city. All of the following hiking trails […]

5 Reasons You Should End Your Summer with DC Polo Society

Sadly, our summer days have slowly come to an end. But, are you still looking for a way to enjoy your final days of nice weather in the #district? Look no further than heading out to a polo match at DC Polo Society. Read on for five reasons why you should check Polo out before […]

Dates in DC That Don’t Involve Booze (Yes, For Real!)

There comes a time in every kind-of adult’s life where he or she decides to go out on a limb and try to lead a life sans booze, at least for a limited time. If you’re on the Whole 30 grind, trying to shed a few pounds, or are just curious as to what exactly […]

Happy Hour Hop: U Street and 14th Street

Do you find yourself hopping around the same handful of happy hour spots in DC? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to broaden your horizons with these five happy hour spots on U street and 14th street. Whether you want a cocktail, an ice-cold beer, some savory appetizers or all of the above; […]