John Walton
John Walton Washington Capitals Radio Announcer

Capitals Radio Voice John Walton

One of John Walton’s most memorable occasions as a broadcaster came when he had to lend Bruce Boudreau his pants. Literally, the pants off his body.

The coach of the Hershey Bears at the time, Boudreau forgot to bring his suit pants to the stadium for a game against Bridgeport. The year was 2006 and Walton was the play-by-play radio broadcaster for the Bears, the minor league affiliate of the Washington Capitals. Walton was called down to the locker-room 20 minutes before game-time to find Boudreau dressed in a shirt, tie, suit jacket and his boxers. The animated coach was spitting mad while his players tucked their chins down trying to conceal their laughter.

The Bears won the game. But the real question, did the superstitious Boudreau keep Walton’s pants? “My waistline is a little different than Bruce’s,” the Capitals radio play-by-play announcer said with a laugh. “Bruce said he couldn’t yell at the refs because he had to suck it in too much. Superstition ends with a size 34.”

That is probably one of the more humorous recollections for Walton, though the memories he’s accumulated over the years as a broadcaster are as plentiful as they are diverse.

Back in 1996, Walton’s first radio broadcast for baseball’s Cincinnati Reds was tragically cut short when the home-plate umpire, John McSherry, was stricken by a massive heart attack on the field seven pitches into opening day. McSherry died an hour later at a local hospital. “That gave me some perspective,” Walton said. “I think I maintain a pretty even-keel professionally. I get excited during the games, sure, but I try to keep a big-picture perspective.”

Walton grew up in Ohio where his father taught at Miami University. He would eventually attend Miami himself in 1991 and was immediately taken with hockey. “I was hooked right away. My first memories are growing up in the coldest climates with frozen ponds.”

Miami had a terrific division one hockey team and Walton already had the itch to do broadcast work, so calling the games was a natural fit. Eventually broadcasting would take him to the Hershey Bears, where he became closely affiliated with several key figures in recent Capitals history, including ex-coach Boudreau and players like Karl Alzner, John Carlson, Braden Holtby, Mike Green and Eric Fehr.

Walton will be entering his fifth season as the radio play-by-play voice for the Capitals this year. He also serves as the team’s director of broadcasting, overseeing the 12-station Washington Capitals Radio Network. He likes the chances of this Capitals squad this season, and is impressed with the job coach Barry Trotz did in his first season with the team.

In the offseason, the Capitals added T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams, both gifted scoring wingers, but lost Green, Fehr, Troy Brouwer and Joel Ward, who was a favorite of Walton.

The changes are already making an impact, The Hockey News picked the Capitals to reach the Stanley Cup finals this year against Boudreau’s Anaheim Ducks. “I think the expectations are pretty high,” Walton said. “You’ve got one of the most respected coaches in the game. They acquired an Olympic hero in T.J. Oshie. They got Williams. Holtby is a year wiser. I’m excited, I’ll tell you that.”

While Walton knows all the Capitals well, he has a particular affinity for Holtby, having watched the goalie work his way up through Hershey to become one of the top goalies in the league.

Walton lists among his most memorable moments the time when captain Alex Ovechkin scored four goals in a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. A couple of other fond memories were created by Ward, the first of which was his overtime goal in game 7 in 2012 to beat the Boston Bruins, then the defending Stanley Cup champions. Another Ward moment came this past spring when he scored with just 1.3 seconds left to stun the New York Rangers in game one of their series. “I literally had one foot out the door to go to the bathroom before overtime.”

DC is home now for Walton and his family. He treasures his profession in a sport that is in his blood. Even though it sounds like a dream job, Walton is on the road half the season with the team when they travel, and he is constantly studying and talking with broadcasting greats like Michael “Doc” Emrick and listening to sporting events of any type to polish his own game.

“The story can be told a thousand ways and we need to weave together a tapestry for a single broadcast,” Walton said. “Being a storyteller for an NHL team is special.”

To learn more about John Walton visit

Catch John calling play-by-play for the Capitals at the season opener on Oct. 10 at 7 p.m against the New Jersey Devils.

Verizon Center: 601 F St. NW, DC; 202-628-3200;
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Photo credit: Washington Capitals Hockey

Mr. Game 7 Justin Williams

Last season featured a host of pleasant developments for a Washington Capitals team that is favored to reach the Stanley Cup finals this time around. Despite ending their 2015 playoff run early, management hopes to improve upon their regular season success. The goal, to march deep into the playoffs behind new additions T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams, both forwards. Williams in particular is renowned for elevating his game in the postseason.

Coach Barry Trotz brought immediate stability in his first year behind the bench. He did not hesitate to commit to Braden Holtby as his number one goaltender, and Holtby rewarded his faith by becoming one of the league’s top netminders.

Defenseman Brooks Orpik was his usual fearsome self in his first season with the Capitals, and Matt Niskanen brought skill and a good two-way game to the blueline.

Captain Alex Ovechkin continued at a superstar pace scoring 53 goals; Nicklas Backstrom again put up a boatload of points as the most underrated player in the league; John Carlson, Karl Alzner, Marcus Johansson and rookies Andre Burakovsky and Evgeny Kuznetsov were all key contributors as well.

But once again, Washington faces questions about its ability to get it done in the playoffs.

Enter Williams, a crafty veteran winger who is considered one of the greatest clutch performers in NHL history. Yes, Williams is that good under pressure. He shares a playoff record with former Edmonton Oilers great Glenn Anderson for the most Game 7 goals in NHL history with seven, and has the record outright for most Game 7 points with 14. He won the Conn Smythe trophy for most valuable player in the 2014 Stanley Cup finals with the Los Angeles Kings. He has won three Stanley Cups overall, two with the Kings and one with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2006.

The Capitals improved their playoff outlook significantly by signing Williams, who has been dubbed “Mr. Game 7.”

It was Williams’ first time testing unrestricted free agency, and he had several suitors, including the Kings. “You look at the city, and also what the team needs and how close they are to winning a championship, which is very important,” Williams said in choosing Washington.

“At the end of the day, it was important to be in a city that is good for my family and a team where I believe I could fit in and a team that is close to winning.”

Despite his elite playoff achievements, Williams said he is just trying to fit in with his new teammates. He even expressed a certain degree of weariness in discussing his past playoff performances, stressing that each year is different and the focus has to be on getting to the postseason in the first place.

“The hardest part is getting into the playoffs,” said Williams, who knows this all too well after playing for two teams that did not make the playoffs the year after winning the Stanley Cup – the Kings last season and the Hurricanes in 2007.

Williams still allowed a view into how he approaches pivotal matches. “When your back is against the wall you’ve got to find ways to bring your best. You don’t want to err on the side of caution. You want to go out there and get it and make an impact. You don’t want to be thinking ‘I don’t want to make a mistake.’ You want to be thinking ‘I want to do something positive for this team.’”

Oshie has also experienced recent success on a big stage. In the 2014 Winter Olympics, he was the key performer in the American’s 3-2 victory over Russia in the preliminary round, converting four of six shootout attempts. Oshie, who was traded for in a deal that sent Troy Brouwer to St. Louis, is known as an intense competitor and clutch performer.

Together with Williams, the two newcomers bring a special attitude to Washington. Williams is also known as a tenacious player who thrives on puck possession.

Washington will spend the first part of the season adjusting to its new roster. The team lost key players Brouwer, Mike Green, Joel Ward, Eric Fehr and John Erskine in the offseason.

The Capitals have an impressive mix of grit and talent up front, and the defense corps is an experienced, mobile unit. With another standout season from Holtby and the additions of Williams and Oshie, it’s not hard to see why many pundits are picking the Caps to finally burst through and reach the finals.

“It’s get in first, then worry about what you’re going to do once you’re there,” said Williams. “There’s a lot of teams that could possibly win and we’re certainly one of them.”

Don’t miss the Capitals’ season opener on Saturday October 10 against the New Jersey Devils at 7 p.m.

Verizon Center: 601 F St. NW, DC; 202-628-3200;
Man Cave
ESPN 980 The Drive: Steve Czaban (L) Chris Cooley (M) Al Galdi (R)

It’s All About the Man Cave

Talking with Steve Czaban of ESPN 980 The Drive

Steve Czaban has 25 years of experience in sports talk radio. He hosts a national show on Yahoo sports radio every morning from 6 – 10 a.m. with Scott Linn and a local show every afternoon from 4 – 7 p.m. with Chris Cooley and Al Galdi. He blends national and local sports and pop culture content in a seamless fashion. If you are looking for corporate shtick and boring sports talk then Steve Czaban is not for you. The “Czabe” is candid, upfront, and honest.

In addition to sports, the “Czabe” is just as likely to kick off discussions incorporating pop culture, lawn maintenance, backyard grills and trips to Las Vegas. He is passionate about his local sports teams but just as likely to reference Seinfeld and Family Guy while on the air. On Tap caught up with the “Czabe” about his TV set-up, the football field in his backyard, RG3 and the Redskins’ chances this upcoming season.

On Tap: Why do you need three TVs in your man cave?
Steve Czaban: There’s no other way to live, if you went to a sports bar and they didn’t have TVs with different games on, you would be outraged. So why would you not have your home set up with more than one TV if you’re a sports fan? A couple of TVs right next to each other is no great luxury. TVs have gotten so cheap, the barrier to it is that people think it’s indulgent, crazy and obsessive, but it just makes sense. I decided to do it primarily for the NFL, but quickly found that watching college football was just as enjoyable. Then, I found out that watching different sporting events was just as good. There’s so much downtime in every sport that it’s not hard to keep up with three things.

OT: I heard you built a football field in your backyard. Why did you decide to do that?
SC: It’s funny because when you have a little bit of land, sometimes you think ‘this isn’t what I’m going to do.’ I have a fairly flat piece of property with 10 acres. Now I can build a football field. People think it’s a crazy expense. It did cost some money to move the dirt and reseed the area, but just a couple hundred dollars of field paint and a field painter, and nine hours of work each fall. It’s cool and looks awesome. Chris Cooley helped me paint the Redskins logo and taught me how to grid it out.

OT: How do you prepare differently for your local and national shows?
SC: As far as the personalities, on the morning show, I’ve worked with them a little longer so I know them really well. I’m still getting to know Cooley and Galdi and we get better every day. We’re coming up on two years now and you start to develop with every week that goes by. Because of the experience, we play a little more aggressively on the national morning show. The tempo and aggressiveness with what we do in the afternoon will begin to ramp up and match the morning show.

OT: What are your thoughts on RG3 for this year?
SC: We’ve got all of our chips on him. If he’s not good, then all those picks we used to go get him are going to be wiped away. This is going to be a telling year, either he gets traction and figures it out and becomes a legitimate pro-style quarterback or it’s going to be a season where he’s injured and plays like he did last year and then you are going to have to move on. It’s high stakes.

OT: What are the chances of the Redskins finishing the season with a .500 record?
SC: There’s always a chance; everyone always thinks we’ve got a shot to be 8 – 8 and if things break right then we can be 10 – 6. And that’s the beauty of the NFL. I don’t know though, I’m pessimistic.

The Drive with Steve Czaban, Chris Cooley and Al Galdi airs every weekday afternoon from 4 – 7 p.m. on ESPN 980. August 5 will mark their two year anniversary. You can catch the Czabe’s morning show on Yahoo sports radio, or stream it at  

Meet ESPN 980’s Chris Paul and Jason Reid of The Man Cave 

A new sports radio show, The Man Cave, hit the ESPN 980 airwaves in March and has since been breaking the boundaries of sports talk during the morning commute.
The show is hosted by two big personalities, Chris Paul and Jason Reid. Paul, a veteran of the radio world, co-hosted the Donnie Simpson show on WPGC for 16 years and the Tom Joyner Morning Show the past six. Reid started his journalism career with the Los Angeles Times and in 2010 became the Redskins beat reporter, then was promoted to a sports columnist position in 2011. Both care about the integrity of sports and the importance of the male lifestyle, which is what a man cave is all about.
The concept behind the show is simple: Listening in is like escaping from the real world, creating a sort of “man cave away from home.” A “man cave” is a place where guys can go to escape the pressures of the outside world – whether it is a job, family or other responsibilities – and have a place that is just their own. The hosts are happy to have a show that can act as an alternative.
“No one ever says they are going to their man cave to do work,” Paul said. “They go to relax and watch sports.”
Both hosts agree that the purpose of their show is to entertain their audience. With four hours to cover, the men want to be a program where people go to learn about sports, but other topics as well. Reid says, “[We] use sports as a jumping off point to go off other things in a man’s life.”
They discuss real issues that guys deal with. Recent topics include the dangers of sleep apnea and domestic violence. The idea is, while “you are busy laughing and we slip in real life stuff,” said Paul.
The guys aren’t leaving women out either. There have been discussions on how men can be a better significant other or father.
When asked what makes their show different, Paul and Reid agree that it is all about mindset. “I’m a journalist and Chris is a comedian, so the perspective of our show is pretty unique,” Reid said.
It is uncommon for a sports show to be hosted by African-Americans that have never played professional sports, but the men don’t let that faze them. “Doesn’t matter what color you are, we go through the same things in life,” Paul said.
As for their relationships with sports, the men have different points of view. Paul is a die-hard Redskins fan and describes the relationship like “being in love with a woman who treats you bad, but comes back in the fall to break [your heart] all over again.” Being a journalist, Reid chooses to be diplomatic about his team preferences. “I don’t root for a team, I root for very good stories [and] good people who have overcome something.”
Of course the men have their own “man caves.” Reid’s is complete with a wet bar and flat screen. Paul is in the process of remodeling and hopes to have it finished in time for the beginning of the NFL season.
Paul’s dream item is still a fantasy. He wants a massage table with a flat screen on the floor, so he can relax, “face down, [while] watching the Redskins.” Reid simply wants a pool table, which he hopes to have soon.
Listen to The Man Cave from Monday to Friday from 6 to 10 a.m. on ESPN 980 and learn more at
Outfit Your Man Cave and Look Good Doing It
Bars By Bud
For nearly 38 years, Bars by Bud has specialized in building custom, handmade bars. Their showroom has an eclectic personality with everything from showroom bar designs and bar stools to mirrors, cabinets, lighting and foot rails. Besides the inventive bars, guys can find cool man cave stuff like Jockey Boxes, the sweet little coolers that allow you to dispense beer, keg-style, anytime, without electricity. $65. AP. Bars by Bud: 2812-D Merrilee Dr., Fairfax, VA; 703-573-1010;
Floyd’s 99 Barbershop
Known as the original rock ‘n’ roll barbershop, Floyd’s is all about bringing rock ‘n’ roll to hair styling. Inside you’ll find walls plastered with music posters, photos, flat screens and more. A true dude spot, Floyd’s is part experience, part hair styling. Whether you want a buzz cut, color work or designs, they’ve got you covered. A general “Floyd’s Cut” starts at $24. Need dude-worthy grooming products? Try their shampoo and conditioner $14.99 each or molding paste and styling cream $15.99 each. Products sold in-store only. AP, CC. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop: 8296 Glass Alley #130, Fairfax, VA; 703-639-0090;
Great Gatherings
With locations in Annapolis, Gainesville and, most recently, the Mosaic District, Great Gatherings is like man cave heaven. Carrying a wide variety of decor genres from classic and rustic to urban and contemporary, this might be the Mecca of man caves. With a wide selection of gaming tables, furniture and novelties, you won’t have any troubling personalizing your space. We liked the “Drinking Tower Game,” an adult version of Jenga for $19.95. Also cool, the wall signs. We liked one noting, “What Happens in the Man Cave Stays in the Man Cave,” priced at a reasonable $29.95. If you’re looking for something a little more original, check out the iconic “Ali Over Liston” poster for only $295. CC. Great Gatherings: Mosaic District 2920 District Ave., Fairfax, VA; 571-234-8100;
The Great Republic
A celebration of iconic American living, The Great Republic offers premium US made products at the posh new CityCenterDC. Expect a broad price range across a variety of products from antique collectibles to eclectic, re-inspired vintage decor. Certainly, guys are sure to drool over items like the fully restored 1946 Indian Chief Motorcycle and authentic 1845 US Wall Map, but they will also find an array of items for the everyday man. We like the Homemade Gin Kit priced under $60 and the “You Earned It” bottle opener for $30. For only 10 bucks you can get Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap and smell like accomplishment, everyday. AM. The Great Republic at CityCenterDC: 973 Palmer Alley, NW, DC; 202-682-1812;
where to watch world cup dc

Where to Watch World Cup Soccer June 2014


All team supporters are welcome. We have a huge projector and beverage deals at the bar, including: Hot $5 specials like Caipirinha Tradicional.

Aria Pizzeria & Bar
All team supporters are welcome. During the World Cup, happy hour will begin at 3:30 p.m. so fans can enjoy great food and drink deals while cheering on their teams.

Team USA, Brazil, Greece, Spain, Italy. Great food and drink specials, huge selection of beer and wine, all in the beating heart of DC.

Team USA, D.C. United. A huge selection of Bourbon and Brown Water, 16 craft drafts, 4 large TVs, and a Scratch Kitchen for snacking at the half!

All team supporters are welcome. Authentic German beer garden, rooftop patio and bar and 20 big screen TVs attract fans and local athletes alike to watch the big games.

Black Rooster Pub
Team USA. Lively pub atmosphere, cordial staff, and awesome beer specials make for a great place to watch all the big games.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Spain. Cold Mahou and Estrella Levante on draft, as well as authentic Spanish paella and tapas for all your indulgent needs while you watch the games.

Brasserie Beck
Belgium. With the largest selection of Belgian beers in DC including Chef Wiedmaier’s own exclusive Belgian brew, Antigoon. When team Belgium plays on June 17, 22 and 26, Antigoon and brats for $10, all day!

Liverpool, England, Team USA. $4 Peroni specials, as well as surround-sound TV setups and giveaways throughout the World Cup.

Cafe Citron
Team USA, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Colombia. High energy, fun ambiance, great drink and food specials and of course dancing on the bar and tables every time a team scores. We also give out free house shots at the end of each game!

Barcelona, Manchester United, Brazil, Spain, Team USA. 5 very unique viewing screens including one massive projector screen, plus sweet drink specials and plenty of patriotic pride!

Capitol Lounge
Team USA. A great place to sneak out of work for a quick beer and a peak at all the games during the World Cup at the closest bar to the Capitol Building.

Darlington House
Team USA, Italy, Switzerland. Amazing game day food and drink specials, along with raffle drawings for awesome prizes and gift certificates.

Del Campo
Team USA, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay.During World Cup games: $5 Mahou beers, or get any sandwich and a beer for just $14!

Dirty Martini
Barcelona, Brazil, Real Madrid, Team USA. Tons of HD TV’s and a stellar 100” projection screen. Look for delicious appetizer game specials and hand crafted specialty drinks.

El Centro DF
Mexico, Team USA. We have a huge projector and beverage deals at the bar, including: Hot $5 specials like Caipirinha Tradicional.

Elephant & Castle
Barcelona, D.C. United, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Team USA. Home of the Penya Barcelonista. Featuring plenty of drink and dining specials, as well as contests and giveaways including tickets to the Inter Milan v. Manchester United exhibition match at Fed Ex Field on July 29th.

Team USA, Italy. We will be serving $9 cocktails during World Cup games in honor of the host country and our favorite teams, such as: Brazil – Caipirinha

Grand Slam
Team USA, D.C. United Fantastic drink specials to enjoy while watching your team on any of our dozens of flat screen TVs! Our specials include: 15 $ Heineken/ Heineken Light buckets, 1$ off draft beers if you sport your jersey to the bar, and Grand Marnier Promotions.

H Street Country Club
Team USA, Mexico. Crazy fun bar atmosphere with great specials and early opening times throughout the World Cup.

Irish Channel
Team USA. Our friendly Irish charm makes this a unique spot for World Cup fans across the DMV. We support all teams and will accommodate all games on each of our 9 big screen TV’s, while serving plenty of drink and dining specials throughout the Cup.

Irish Whiskey Public House
D.C. United, Team USA Official support bar of D.C. United! We have three different floors with all different vibes, but all with perfect TV viewing for all your World Cup needs, not to mention our exceptional food and drink specials!

Iron Horse
All team supporters are welcome. Great beer goes with great food, and both go well with great soccer!

Ivy & Coney
Team USA. All games will be shown with $3 beers and $4 hot dogs on offer throughout the tournament.

James Hoban’s
Team USA, Brazil, England, German, Mexico, Italy. Showing all major games throughout the Cup, along with weekly specials and offerings.

Team USA, Greece, Italy. We will be serving $9 cocktails during World Cup games in honor of the host country and our favorite teams, such as: Brazil – Caipirinha

Kitty O’Shea’s
Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona. We’re a small restaurant with a lot of pride in our teams. It’s always a good time watching the games, meeting new people and the banter with the opposition is always lighthearted, funny and not to be missed!

Laughing Man’s Tavern
All team supporters are welcome. Official home of the AODC (American Outlaws District Chapter) fan club of the USMNT. 32 HDTVs and a big screen projector, as well as great game day food and drink specials!

All team supporters are welcome. Four 120” HD projectors and 40 HDTV screens in crisp surround sound on three levels including an outdoor patio to show all the important games, and rotating drink and food specials geared towards the World Cup.

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar
Team USA. Fans love the theater-quality HDMI projector and 4’X6’ screen surround sound system.

Masa 14
All team supporters are welcome. They have a huge projector and beverage deals at the bar, including: Hot $5 specials like Caipirinha Tradicional.

All team supporters are welcome. $3 Miller Lite and $4 Blue Moon during all World Cup matches. It’s a great atmosphere to watch your favorite team!

Meridian Pint
Team USA. 14 TVs, great local brews, and a spacious environment. We will open early for all World Cup games.

Molly Malone’s
D.C. United, Manchester United, Team USA. Giveaways, prizes, and weekly specials during the World Cup, as well as a revamped menu for all your dining desires.

Mr. Smith’s of Georgetown
Barcelona, D.C. United, Team USA. Folks love the outdoor patio for the big screen TV and stellar ambiance.

Murphy’s Irish Pub
All team supporters are welcome. Great food and drink specials and a lively match day pub atmosphere.

Penn Social
Team USA, D.C. United. We have two floors HD projection screens (including a 22 ft Movie Screen) and 44 Beer Lines. This is the place to watch the games, have some fun, and knock back a few!

Switzerland, Team USA, D.C. United. An 11-foot projection screen, over 40 flat-screen TVs, and plenty of World Cup drink specials!

RedRocks Bistro
Barcelona, Liverpool, D.C. United, Team USA, Brazil,  Argentina, Spain, Italy. Three full levels of dining, rooftop bar and patio with spectacular views of the city, and big-screen TVs throughout the restaurant for all your World Cup viewing pleasure.

Team USA. We are the best place to come watch the game and have a beer from every country you are cheering for. With over 45 drafts and 350 bottles, you will feel right at home!

Roofers Union
Team USA. Rooftop viewing parties with multiple TVs and Brazilian skewers on offer! We will also be debuting our new Cachaça Punch! We will open early for every game.

Shaw’s Tavern
Team USA. A TV screen-view from every seat in the restaurant makes this the perfect place to come watch the games!

Smoke & Barrel
Team USA. 7 large TVs, amazing BBQ, and great service. We will open early for all World Cup games.

The 201 Bar
Team USA, D.C. United. Great drink specials during all World Cup games, including Bud Lite pitchers and buckets, and cheap Fireball shots.

The Big Board

Brazil, Germany, Italy, D.C. United, Team USA. During the World Cup 2014, get half-price Peroni pints during the Italy games and $2 off Peroni pints during every other game! Also look for Peroni swag and giveaways!

The Front Page
Team USA. Welcoming the world’s biggest game to the world’s biggest stage!

The Green Turtle
Team USA. Over 50 TVs with all live games, and great weekly specials.

The Madhatter
Barcelona, Chelsea, D.C. United, Germany, Team USA. Featuring all the soccer channel packages, over 15 flat screen TV’s, sound for big the games, 14 beers on tap and great food and drink specials.

The Meeting Place Restaurant
Team USA. Great happy hour every day from 4 – 8 p.m.

The Mighty Pint
Team USA, D.C. United $13 pitchers of Miller Lite and Yuengling during all World Cup games.

The Pinch
Manchester United, D.C. United, Team USA. With craft brews and the best fried pickles and hot wings in D.C., it’s the perfect place to watch a match. We’ll also be opening early for all USA matches.

The Queen Vic
Cardiff City, D.C. United, England, Liverpool. Officially a Liverpool bar, with 8 TV’s, an extensive beer list, and staff that are excited about Soccer. $4.55 Carlsberg and $3 Jameson when England or USA score.

Tonic at Quigley’s & Mt. Pleasant
D.C. United, Team USA People hang here for the great beer and food specials, and games shown on lots of HDTVs.

Union Pub
Barcelona, D.C. United, Team USA. 25 flat screens, plus three extra-large HD projectors. During all world cup games, we will feature $12 Bud Lite Pitchers, $5 Victory Drafts, and $4 Jack Daniels shots.

Vendetta Bocce Bar & Tavern
Italy, Team USA. Great beer specials and an authentic European football atmosphere, as well as our renowned indoor bocce lane. Forza Italia!

All team supporters are welcome. We have multiple TVs and beverage deals at the bar, including: hot $5 specials like Caipirinha Tradicional.


Brasserie Beck
Kentlands, MD
Belgium. With the largest selection of Belgian beers in DC including Chef Wiedmaier’s own exclusive Belgian brew, Antigoon. When team Belgium plays on June 17, 22 and 26, Antigoon and brats for $10, all day!

Mussel Bar & Grille
Bethesda, MD
Belgium. With the largest selection of Belgian beers DC, including Chef Wiedmaier’s own exclusive Belgian brew, Antigoon. When team Belgium plays on June 17, 22 and 26, Antigoon and brats for $10, all day!

Tyber Bierhaus
Bethesda, MD
Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic. We have World Cup specials and are planning to show all games on several huge TVs.

Union Jack’s
Bethesda, MD
England, Team USA, D.C. United. With such diverse patronage, all team supporters will show up to create the ultimate match atmosphere during every World Cup game.


Babylon Futbol Club
Falls Church, VA
All European leagues covered, Team USA. 5-meter projector for the big games, lounge atmosphere, shisha bar, and a great international menu.

Bazin’s Next Door
Vienna, VA
All team supporters are welcome. Great food, great drinks, fun and relaxing atmosphere.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
Vienna, VA
D.C. United. We have two 103” TVs and have great happy hour specials. We have a great atmosphere that is welcoming to all soccer enthusiasts.

Bracket Room
Arlington, VA
Team USA. 38 65” inch flat screens including four TV’s in the restrooms. Game audio for all the soccer matches and plenty of specials.

Breakers Sky Lounge
Herndon, VA
Team USA, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, A.C. Milan, D.C. United. Tons of HDTVs with surround sound, excellent happy hour offerings, and a fantastic sports atmosphere.

Broadlands Sports Bar & Grill
Ashburn, VA
All team supporters are welcome. Featuring 24 50” HD plasma TVs and a huge 108” projector on the back of the bar to watch all your favorite teams, as well as 16 different drafts on tap.

Bunker Sports Café
Leesburg, VA
Team USA. During the first game of Team USA, we will be giving away a big screen TV and other prizes, as part of our partnership with RedBull and other sponsors.

Cafe Italia
Arlington, VA
Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Team USA. Super ambiance, great happy hour deals, 40” flat-screen TV at the bar, half-price pizza, $5 sub and best chicken wings in the area.

Cafe Italia
Falls Church, VA
Italy, Spain, Team USA. Featuring five 50” flat screens TV, soccer channels, $2 brews, $5 cocktails, half-price pizza and a big communal table for celebrations.

Capital City Brewing Company – Shirlington
Arlington, VA
Team USA. Great craft beer and 9 big screens for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Cowboy Cafe
Arlington, VA
Team USA. The laid back atmosphere attracts folks who love soccer. Great prices, good food and fun people to watch the games with.

Crystal City Sports Pub
Arlington, VA
D.C. United, Team USA. All World Cup matches will be shown on over 100 TVs and three levels of sports entertainment.

Arlington, VA
Team USA, Barcelona, Real Madrid, D.C. United, Chelsea, Manchester United. With great food, great drinks and amazing hookah, Darna is the premier venue to watch the World Cup. Enjoy all the games in our vibrant lounge or relax on our loft patio.

Dogfish Head Alehouse
Falls Church, VA
Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, Team USA. Great atmosphere, perfect ambiance for watching your favorite team. Family atmosphere, specials, and overall enjoyment of an alehouse.

Dogwood Tavern
Falls Church, VA
D.C. United, Team USA. These guys love soccer and believe soccer is the world’s best sport. Big screens, awesome food, and free-flowing beers!

Finnegan’s Pride
Vienna, VA
Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Hull City, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Roma, Juventus, Inter Milan, D.C. United, Team USA. 17 flat screen TVs, comfortable atmosphere, clean surroundings, great food and drink specials on World Cup game days.

Fuego Cocina y Tequileria
Arlington, VA
Mexico, Team USA. Live games and over 150 tequilas complementing awesome Mexican cuisine.

Grevey’s Restaurant
Falls Church, VA
Argentina, Brazil, England, Italy, Spain, Team USA. Big screen TVs, huge projection screens, food and beverage specials.

Hard Times Cafe
Clarendon, VA
Team USA, D.C. United. Over 50+ flat screens with the ability to have multiple games with sound makes this an awesome venue to see all your favorite teams as they quest for the World Cup.

Hard Times Cafe
Springfield, VA
Barcelona, Real Madrid, D.C. United, Honduras, Team USA. Lots of big TV’S and sound for games. Plus, jersey raffles for Honduras and USA World Cup matches along with Semi Finals and Finals.

Fairfax, VA
Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United. These guys rock all the soccer channels (in English and Spanish) all the time.

Ireland’s Four Courts
Arlington, VA
Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sunderland, Roma, Barcelona, Team USA. European beer on draft, a World Cup bracket pool, and a great selection of daily dining and drink specials.

Lucky’s Sports Theatre & Grill
Franconia, VA
Team USA. We have 29 screens throughout the restaurant: six 10-ft projection screens and the rest HDTVs, so viewing the game will be easy and comfortable.

Mazagan Restaurant & Lounge
Arlington, VA
Barcelona, Team USA. The hookah lounge! This spot attracts people from all over who love the beautiful game. There is a long bar with two flat screen TVs.

Mister Days
Arlington, VA
Team USA, Spain, Brazil, Portugal. Over 50 TVs with sound for the Cup, as well as awesome food and drink specials throughout the tournament at the largest sports bar in Clarendon!

Mussel Bar & Grille
Arlington, VA
Belgium. With the largest selection of Belgian beers DC, including Chef Wiedmaier’s own exclusive Belgian brew, Antigoon. When team Belgium plays on June 17, 22 and 26, Antigoon and brats for $10, all day!

Ned Devine’s
Herndon, VA
Manchester United. Many large TVs, and sound will be on during games!

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub
Herndon, VA
Chelsea,  Manchester United, D.C. United, Celtic, , Real Madrid, Team USA. 9 HDTV’s and 3 separate dining areas. Starting June, all World Cup games will be shown live with half-price wings and $3 chips and salsa.

Open Road Grill and Icehouse
Falls Church, VA
All team supporters are welcome. Several large TV’s both indoors and out to accommodate all supporters’ needs.

Arlington, VA
Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool. We carry 14 HD screens including two 10ft HD projectors! We will be showing all games with great drink specials throughout the Cup. Also releasing our new World Cup Football Menu with amazing food specials!

PJ Skidoos
Fairfax, VA
Team USA, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United. This will be the place to watch all World Cup games: the atmosphere is electric! We will, of course, play the sound of all USA games in their entirety, and feature dozens of food and drink specials.

Public House No. 7
Falls Church, VA
All team supporters are welcome. Proper English Pub atmosphere and a great outdoor patio with TV featuring all major matches during the World Cup.

Arlington, VA
Team USA, Bayern Munich. Drink specials during USA and Bayern matches, as well as weekly specials throughout this summer’s tournament.

Rhodeside Grill
Arlington, VA
D.C. United, Team USA Lots of TVs and plenty of seating with the game sound on. Plus great cocktails, craft beer and food.

Rí Rá – Arlington
Arlington, VA
Liverpool, D.C. United, Team USA. Opening day kick-off party for the Brazil-Croatia game featuring incredible specials on the day, as well as daily food and drink specials throughout the tournament.

Arlington, VA
D.C. United, Team USA Authentic barbecue and game day specials throughout the World Cup.

Alexandria, VA | Ballston, VA
All team supporters are welcome. Our incredible beer selection makes us stand out. With 30 taps and over 300 bottles, there are plenty of choices to quench your thirst.

Spider Kelly’s
Arlington, VA
Team USA, D.C. United. 31 HDTVs, several lounge areas, pool, darts, shuffle board, skee ball & pop-a-shot basketball. Full menu until 1:30am every night.

The Auld Shebeen
Fairfax, VA
Team USA, D.C. United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, England, Italy, Germany, Spain. Ten flat screens, two HD projectors, all Champions League games played with full sound, food and drink deals all June long for the World Cup.

Velocity Five
Falls Church, VA
Team USA. 50 HDTV’s, private booths with their own TV’s, surround sound, the best wings in town, and World Cup specials during every game!

William Jeffrey’s Tavern
Arlington, VA
D.C. United, Team USA. Over 15 HD screens with no blind spots. Plus multi-sound zones, an eclectic menu and a focus on great fan experience!

Sasha Digiulian
Sasha DiGiulian poses for a portrait at Brooklyn Boulders Gym, in Brooklyn, NY, USA, on 23 September 2013. // Marv Watson/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20131008-00010 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

World Class Rock Climber Sasha Digiulian

Attempting a climb for the first time, world champion Sasha DiGiulian plans each move like a game of chess, visualizing three to four moves ahead of her next.

At times hanging by only one hand from 60 to 80 feet in the air, the Alexandria native uses her impressive athletic ability and mental focus to navigate climbs that are rated among the highest degree of difficulty in the world.

Her record tally of first ascents (first to successfully climb a mountain or follow a climbing route) and number of victories at competitions have catapulted the 21-year old to become the face of her sport.

And to think, it all started right here in the DC metro area. “I was seven and my brother was having a birthday party at Sports Rock in Alexandria and I just started climbing up the wall and kept going,” DiGiulian said.

She joined the local junior team at Sports Rock and began climbing once or twice a week. By 8 years old, DiGiulian was climbing outside in West Virginia at Range New River Gorge with a group of kids from the tri state area.

At 9 years old, DiGiulian walked into Sports Rock and saw a climbing competition going on, the Youth Regional Championships. The judges let her compete and she won, leading her to divisionals, then nationals and eventually the world championship. By age 16, DiGiulian was old enough to start competing in adult divisions.

Now a three-time U.S. champion, reigning Pan-American champion and female overall world champion, DiGiulian is the first and only North American woman to climb a difficulty grade of 5.14d, at Red River Gorge canyon system in east-central Kentucky.

The difficulty of a climb is rated by class, one through five, with one being the easiest, generally even terrain, and five being near vertical or completely vertical rock. Decimal points are used to further differentiate difficulty, and for climbs above 5.10, letter grades of a (easiest) through d (the hardest) are added.

Such impressive athletic feats have earned DiGiulian a well-matched sponsorship by Red Bull and features in numerous publications, increasing her profile substantially But all of this has not phased DiGiulian one bit; she still gives off an uplifting positive demeanor and infectious desire to continually test her limits.

“When I’m physically really pushing myself, I’m not thinking of anything else but the climb. I’m thinking of the movement in front of me and figuring out the next step. As soon as you start thinking you’re tired or not sure if it is possible, you’ll be falling before you’ve fallen,” DiGiulian said.

As if all of her professional accomplishments were not impressive enough, DiGiulian manages it all while being a full-time student at Columbia University in New York City.

Monday through Thursday, she juggles a full load of classes while training for three hours a day, including climbing, running, and strength-to-weight ratio workouts like pull-ups and push-ups to maintain a strong core.

Then, Thursday through Sunday, DiGiulian is traveling to competitions, sometimes as close as her home state of Virginia and others as far as a recent trip to South Africa, which Red Bull documented in an awe inspiring video you can view on the brand’s website.

DiGiulian and a crew traveled to Waterval Boven, South Africa, just outside of Johannesburg, to a remote area, home to world class sports climbing.

“The climbing here is impeccable, the rock is bullet strong sandstone and the lines are some of the most beautiful lines I’ve ever climbed on,” DiGiulian’s said, as the video showed her attempting to be the first to complete a route laid out by climbers years ago.

“Going through the open beautiful face, it’s kind of striking and fear invoking, not knowing if the moves are possible. My first try up it I didn’t even get to the top,” she said in the video.

And by being the first to complete the route she earned the right to name it, choosing ‘Rolihlahla’, the middle name of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

Looking ahead to this summer, DiGiulian said she plans to spend time in the western U.S. attempting first ascents.

Then come August, she is off to Spain to attempt the world’s hardest multi-pitch project by technical grading. Multi-pitch climbing involves a series of one or more stops during the climb at belay stations, with periods of climbing between each station referred to as a pitch.

“I find that climbing is a source of a lot of my goal setting,” she said, adding that the mind-body experience of climbing is a particularly “cool” facet of the sport.

“Solving both physical and mental aspects, it’s like you’re putting puzzle pieces together,” DiGiulian said.

DiGiulian also has a passion for giving back. She serves as an Athlete Ambassador to a number of organizations including sports-based youth development movement Up2Us and global organization Right to Play.

“Ultimately my goal is to inspire as many people as possible to find passion and exceed their limits,” DiGiulian said. “Just find your passion and live it.”

  To read more visit and redbull. com

Photo: Tim Lundin
Photo: Tim Lundin

Slam Dunk: Q&A with Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry is a rising star in Washington’s corps of sports journalists.  After covering high-profile national events such as the Super Bowl and the Men’s NCAA Tournament, she made the D.C. market her home in the summer of 2010. Britt is a Florida native who practically grew up with a Dan Marino jersey on her back, she can talk sports all day and recently sat down for an interview with On Tap.

On Tap: Could you walk us through a week in the life of Britt McHenry?
Britt McHenry: Well, my schedule isn’t exactly ideal for a 25-year-old’s lifestyle. I’m off Monday and Tuesday, and I do my reporting on Wednesday and Thursday, which makes for a relatively normal workday. Weekends are another thing entirely: we produce the High School Sports Final on Fridays, and I anchor on Saturdays and Sundays. But even on my days off, I often find myself around sports, either going to a game or watching one on TV. I was off the night of the Wizards’ season opener, but my producer called and asked if I wanted to cover it, and do a live shot at Verizon Center; of course, I wanted to do it!

OT: Do you have a favorite memory of covering sports?
Britt: I covered Super Bowl XLII while I was in graduate school, so I saw round one of the Giants / Patriots saga. But my best memory is still when I covered the Final Four in San Antonio. The excitement and energy inside that stadium – and the volume! – are beyond anything else I’ve ever seen. As a bonus, I can confirm that the weather in Texas was much, much warmer than in Chicago.

OT: What is to become of the NFL’s man of the hour, Peyton Manning?
Britt: At this point, I think all of the Post’s columnists have written about him. There’s plenty of chatter, but I think Miami’s a leading contender to get him; since Reggie Bush got his form back this year, and you have guys like Brian Hartline, I see a real opportunity there. Wherever he goes, though, I have to say that I’m in the Peyton camp – I watched him at Tennessee, and of course in Indy, he’s always been one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch. And it’s not just his skill that’s impressive – with so many naysayers around the league saying he can’t do it, that he’s better off throwing in the towel – I think his competitive nature will drive him to make it happen and prove each of them wrong.

OT: Are you looking forward to March Madness?
Britt: I’m excited about Georgetown’s chances this year! They’re such a young team, but they have tremendous depth. I mean, when they beat St John’s, there were five Hoyas in double digits! Plus, they have so many freshmen on their roster; everyone thought this would be a re-building year, but throughout this season, especially the Syracuse game, they have showed they’re a major threat. There’s something magical about college basketball; because upsets are more common here than in most sports, with March Madness, it’s anybody’s ball game. The game brings together an amazing variety of people, compared to other playoff scenarios: teams, fans, and alumni from every corner of the country, and each of them are playing their hearts out.

OT: As you get to know some of the top athletic and coaching talents in the world, does their star power ever overwhelm you?
Britt: That doesn’t usually happen with athletes, but I can remember two times when I definitely got tongue-tied: Don Shula (I grew up a Dolphins fan, after all!). Also, considering how long I’d played soccer, when I met Mia Hamm…I’ll admit it, I got a little star-struck.

OT: Who are some of the best interviews you’ve had since coming to Washington?
Britt: The first one that comes to mind is [Nationals prospect] Bryce Harper. He’s only 19, and came into the league with a ton of hype (and plenty of talent to back it up) – but he’s so approachable and open. Also, Tim Hightower has been really supportive, just a great guy to work with.

OT: How did you break into broadcast journalism?
Britt: I grew up playing soccer all around Florida, and played soccer for Stetson University’s Division I program. I also did some modeling in Miami while I was in college, and interned at ABC Network News in Washington. I still managed to graduate early in winter 2008. I’d also been accepted at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, which was a bit of a dream for me – so I headed to Chicago, where I would soon see snow for the first time. After an intense year at Medill, I jumped at the chance to come to DC.

OT: Once you were in town, how did you move into covering sports?
Britt: I started out anchoring morning shows on NewsChannel8, and found out I could also do sports stories – the only catch was, I had to pitch, shoot, and produce them myself. It just so happened that the Nationals’ spring training facilities are near my hometown in Florida. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity, so I loaded up my camera, shot the camp on my own, and found myself reporting on Stephen Strasburg and Drew Storen’s first camp. Back in DC, I was working non-stop; whenever I could, I’d anchor on my days off, in addition to doing my regular shows. I filled in at the anchor desk on Easter Sunday, which happened to be when Donovan McNabb was traded to the Redskins. Obviously, that turned into a much busier day than I’d expected.

OT: Obviously, you could hold your own playing soccer – do you play any other sports?
Britt: Growing up, I played some basketball and softball; I wanted to keep playing basketball, but in FL you have to choose, and soccer won out. I had an amazing trainer, Scott Armstrong, who loved to focus on footwork – he had so much skill, it was almost like he was a dancer!

OT: Playing soccer in school, and then in Division I – did it burn you out?
Britt: Oh, definitely – by my senior year, I was definitely getting burned out. Not everyone knows, playing D-1 sports is almost like a mini-career, with the intensity, the sacrifice, and the long hours – all before you even become an adult! For a while, I admit I didn’t want to play, but now I’m easing back into it. It’s not always easy finding a game, but whenever I do play, it’s fun again.

OT Sports is a male-dominated field, to say the least; does being a woman ever present you with obstacles in the workplace?
Britt: Sure, there are challenges, being a woman – but I tend to enjoy proving that I know what I’m talking about, and showing that I actually enjoy it. I guess I work better when people underestimate me; I use that as a kind of fuel. That said, I’m mindful that sometimes I have to take a different, more professional approach. I always try to dress professionally, and keep my interactions official. Also, I couldn’t necessarily get a beer with a male athlete like a male reporter could, without running the risk of rumors that could hurt both of our careers. It’s a reality I have to deal with, but I don’t let it bother me.

OT: Do you see yourself as a role model for girls?
Britt: I’m only 25, and I do plenty of unglamorous work in television: a lot of times I still have to shoot my own video, cut my own footage, etc. so I don’t necessarily feel that far removed from where they are. The idea of being a role model is weird, but I tell girls the same thing [I tell] myself: if you love what you do, and give it your all, you can go places in this business.

OT: If you weren’t a sports reporter, what else would you cover?
Britt: I love what I’m doing, but I can see myself expanding someday into different beats. Maybe it’s the variety of sports we cover, or the level of comfort we develop with ad-libbing on camera, but I think it’s easier for someone who’s done sports to transition to regular news, than the other way around. Along those lines, I work to stay proficient in other media, I also keep up a blog, and I’m constantly on Twitter and Facebook. Like most professions, journalists in this market need to have a varied portfolio of skills, and the flexibility to adapt to whatever’s next.

Follow Britt McHenry on Twitter at @brittmchenry, or catch her on High School Sports Final at 11:30 every Friday on NewsChannel8, behind the weekend anchor desk at ABC7/WJLA-TV.