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Celebrating Independence with Fun Facts About France, Belgium & the U.S.

1. In France, it’s illegal to name a pig “Napoleon.”
2. Although the Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic structures ever built, France had initially planned to dismantle and sell the remaining parts as scrap.  
3. “Until death do us part” is not a phrase that is always applicable in France. With permission from the president, it is sometimes legal to marry a dead individual.

4. The world’s largest selling point for chocolate stems from Brussels Airport. Since Belgium is responsible for producing a little more than 200,000 tons per year, all of that chocolate can’t possibly be consumed by Belgians alone.
5. Today, Belgium is one of the few countries that requires education as mandatory until the age of 18.
6. French fries did not originate in France. In the late 1600s, Belgians began slicing and frying potatoes to use as a substitute for fish during the winter months when fishing wasn’t an option.

7. Americans did not use forks on a regular basis until after the Civil War.
8. Every day, Americans purchase and consume enough pizza to cover 100 acres.
9. In 1948, Mayor George Phillips made it illegal for citizens not to smile in the town of Pocatello, Idaho.
10. In 1993, the U.S. Department of Agriculture spent $277,000 on pickle research in an effort to create a healthier version of the kosher dill pickle that included less sodium.

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Beat the Heat: Independence Day Fashion Tips from Sarah Phillips

With so many sizzling summer events coming up, dressing for both style and comfort can be a challenge. Whether you’re celebrating American independence on the 4th or French independence on the 14th (who doesn’t love a good Bastille Day party?), we’ve got advice from an expert. Sarah Phillips, co-founder of the lifestyle blog 52 Thursdays, recommends floral, denim and off-the-shoulder looks for your next barbecue or pool-side party.

The popular lifestyle blog features Phillips, 32, and her co-founder Michelle Martin, 31, wearing the styles they love. Right now, it’s all about summer – from fashionable fitness apparel to casual nautical looks for a day on the water. In the photo to the left, Phillips sports an inexpensive floral dress from Forever 21 paired with a beautifully crafted Gucci leather handbag for an easy elegance with a touch of luxury.

Phillips and Martin met at Radford University, where they both majored in fashion and pledged Sigma Kappa sorority. After graduating and moving to Northern Virginia, the pair worked together at BCBG Max Azria and French Connection. On Thursday nights, they’d meet up for wine and dream about starting a business. In 2015, the best friends launched 52 Thursdays, where they write about style, beauty, fitness and travel. Since Martin moved to Los Angeles last year, the business has become bi-coastal.

“Starting your own business isn’t easy,” Phillips says, “especially one where you have to put yourself out there in the way that we do. But it is so rewarding to be able to do something that we both love – and we are able to share our experiences in [the] hopes that we might help others, too.”

The blog is full of summer tips, like helping you pick a great bathing suit while also teaching you how to make a delightfully cool watermelon Moscow mule. And for Phillips, summer nights are always better with a cold beer – especially a hoppy IPA.

“We usually head to K-1 to pick up our favorite beers and then enjoy them with friends on our back patio when we aren’t heading to the local breweries,” she says. “We love 3 Stars, Old Bust Head, Port City [and] Atlas.”

So, for your Fourth of July barbecue, pack up your cooler and dress in something that is “cute, comfy and won’t make you sweat to death,” Phillips says.

“You can even go with cut-off shorts and a great tee,” she recommends. “Wear these looks with espadrilles or a pair of high-top Chucks for a true all-American look.”

Check out 52 Thursdays at

Photos: Emma Weiss Photography and  Taylor Cole Photography

Fun Facts About Art

Fun Facts About the Art World

1. The National Gallery of Art owns the only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Western Hemisphere.

2. Frida Kahlo had a reputation for partying late at night and winning tequila challenges against hefty men.

3. Roman statues were made with detachable heads, so that one head could be removed and replaced by another.

4. Salvador Dalí brought surrealism into the kitchen, exhibiting sculptures draped in fresh seafood as part of the 1939 World Fair in New York and publishing a cookbook in 1973.

5. The Hirshhorn’s founding donor and namesake, Joseph H. Hirshhorn, considered the modern artists whose work he collected to be his friends. He helped Willem de Kooning pay for the construction of an art studio in Long Island and visited Pablo Picasso in France.

6. Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa’s lips.

7. Warhol said that he adopted his gray-haired look while in his 20s so that people would notice how young he looked in the face.

8. The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s displays include American art covering every type of movement found in the U.S., with more than 7,000 artists represented.

9. Picasso could draw before he could walk, and his first word was the Spanish word for pencil.

10. With an impressive roster of over 1,200 artists from around the world, National Harbor’s Art Whino Gallery represents one of the most fortified outposts of “lowbrow art,” an artistic movement which draws inspiration from the underground and pop culture.

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airport style
Businesswoman with suitcase in airport

A Guide to Airport Style and How to Nail the Look

If you’ve spent much time in an airport, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people look like they just got out of bed. While comfortable clothing can help make a long flight more bearable, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Stylish clothes CAN be comfortable and you can look chic on your next flight. Here’s how!

Avoid “Comfy” Pitfalls
The first rule to looking stylish and put-together is to avoid wearing certain “comfort” clothes from the get-go, like pajamas bottoms, workout clothes, and track suits. If it’s something you would sleep in or exercise in, you’ll have a hard time looking chic, so don’t wear it to the airport.

Elastic Waistbands Are Your Friend
Pants with elastic waistbands provide hours of comfort on cramped airplane seats and during long layovers, but before you reach for the sweatpants, yoga pants, or pajama bottoms, consider something more on trend. Look for styles with elastic waistbands or drawstrings, like these joggers, or these loose fit jersey pants from H&M. If you’d prefer to wear jeans, shop for styles made with a blend of spandex or Lycra as these materials help denim stretch, making jeans more comfortable. Leggings are another great choice for airplane travel as they can provide both warmth and comfort. Although there’s a bit of a debate about whether or not leggings count as pants, they absolutely do as long as you get a quality pair, and pair them with the right top and accessories. Or, avoid the whole “are leggings pants” question and opt for a long jersey knit dress.

Find a Top to Compliment Your Outfit
When it comes to comfort, finding the right top is just as important as finding the right pair of pants. Loose fitting tops look great with many different types of bottoms and are super comfortable and breathable. Stick to neutral colors and soft fabrics and look for tops with small details, like this short sleeve drapey tee with contrasting stitching. Try pairing an oversized blouse with leggings or tuck a cute tank top into your joggers. Once you have your top and bottoms figured out, it’s time to take your outfit to the next level with layers and accessories.

Layer for Style and Convenience
Layering when you travel is not only a great way to look flawless, it’s also practical when it comes to dealing with limited luggage space. Wearing layers also makes it easy to keep warm or cool down when traveling, just add a layer or peel one off. Wear a cute jacket, like a sleek leather jacket or an olive green bomber jacket, to instantly upgrade your ensemble. An oversized sweater also makes a great addition to a chic travel outfit and would look especially cute with a pair of tights. Plus, an oversized sweater can double as a blanket while you’re on the plane.

Make Your Accessories Work for You
Accessories are an essential component to looking chic and “next level.” Would Beyoncé go out without accessorizing? No. And neither should you. Instead of thinking about your accessories as simply fashion pieces, choose items that work for you or that you can pair with other outfits in your luggage, like the Bolt leather bracelet. The Bolt is more than just a fashionable braided leather and gold bracelet, it’s also doubles as an iPhone charger so you won’t run out of power throughout your flight. Eyeglasses are another great accessory. If you’re a contact lens wearer and don’t want to deal with dry eyes during travel, opt for a stylish pair of wide-framed eyeglasses to add a chic statement piece to your outfit. Try adding a scarf to compliment your stylish outfit. Scarves look great and you can always take yours off and roll it up to use as a head rest. Don’t forget that an eye-catching backpack or crossbody bag also make great accessories and can be used for your carry-on luggage.

If the Shoe Fits, it Better Be Comfortable
Although you’ll be sitting most of the time on a plane, it’s still important to pick a pair of comfortable shoes. Slip on shoes are a great choice for air travel as they’re easy to get on and off at security or take off while you’re trying to relax in flight. Ballet flats are a great go-to but they’re only the tip of the “cute-shoe-iceburg.” There’s also d’orsay flats (even the name sounds chic) which have a cutout between a pointed toe and the heel, making them both breathable and fashionable. Boat shoes, classic slip-on sneakers and oxfords are also great choices for looking good while traveling.

If all else fails, you can always bring a change of clothes to step out of the airport looking on point. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to look good at your final destination without being in misery along the way. Comfort is key on a long flight, but looking chic is essential. With these tips you’ll look so chic no one will know just how comfortable you actually are!

DC Summer Arts Scene
We, The Party People photo: Courtesy of and other event photos: Courtesy of respective event hosts

DC’s Summer Arts Scene

As interns stream into the city and cafes open their rooftops and sidewalks to beautiful summer nights, the art scene around the DMV has plenty to offer. Whether you like to make art, listen to music, explore the work of contemporary painters or learn about DC’s incredible contribution to the Jazz Age, there is something for everyone.

Jazzy Nights
Every Thursday in July, Smithsonian Associates hosts Jazzy Nights in Shaw. The two-hour evening walking tour of the clubs and theaters on U Street is a lesson in history spiked with tales of legendary jazz. Dubbed the city’s “Black Broadway,” the area saw the likes of Cab Calloway, Louis Armstrong and DC-born Duke Ellington. Starting at the legendary, beautifully restored Howard Theatre, the tour takes visitors to several sites of the most exciting 1920s clubs. Along the way, author and local historian Garrett Peck tells tales about the city’s race riot of the 1960s, famous bootleggers, and the African American artists, performers and poets who made the neighborhood famous. The tour ends with a pint at Right Proper Brewery in Shaw. Includes 1.5 miles of walking; bring a Metro card for portions that use the subway. Tickets are $35-$45. Jazzy Nights: Meet at Howard Theatre, 620 T St. NW, DC;

Bare the Walls 2
Add to (or start) an art collection at Bare the Walls 2 on June 26 from 2-5 p.m. Each ticket to the event admits two and guarantees all attendees will go home with an original work of art valued at $250 to $2000. Fran Abrams, artist and president of the board of directors of Foundry Gallery, is thrilled to offer this opportunity to both artists and collectors.

“It’s a party!” she says. “Enjoy delicious food and beverages while you select your work of art.”

The 40-year-old gallery has relocated to a space in Shaw, where it has more room and brighter light. Proceeds of the event will help support continued renovation efforts. Tickets are drawn from a rotating drum, and attendees will select an artwork in the order that the tickets are drawn. Tickets are $150-$165. Bare the Walls 2 at Foundry Gallery: 2118 8th St. NW, DC;

DC Drink & Draw
Since 2013, the Meetup group DC Drink & Draw has been gathering once or twice per month.

“Designers, illustrators, a lot of people from the comic book scene [and] anyone who likes to draw,” make up the group, organizer Victoria Thompson says.

Most of the attendees draw whatever they like, but each meeting includes a prompt for anyone who needs inspiration. In May, it was Cinco de Mayo and the Super Art Fight – a timed competition between artists inspired by wrestling. Other themes have included political prompts or current events. The events are free and take place on June 27 at Brookland Pint in Northeast DC and on July 21 at Vapiano in Chinatown, a cafeteria-style pasta bar. DC Drink & Draw:

For people looking for something a little crafty or a great idea for a date night, Handi-hour at the recently reopened Renwick Gallery is an event series that combines art-making with craft beer and live music. The program celebrates the Renwick’s remarkable collection of American craft by inviting adults to make their own crafts in a social setting within the Grand Salon of the gallery. Tickets are $25; must be 21 or older to attend. Tickets include all-you-can-craft and two beverages. The next one is July 27 from 5:30-8 p.m., followed by another in September. Tickets for next month’s event go on sale July 5. Handi-hour at the Renwick: 1661 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC;

Little Salon
Little Salon brings together multiple art forms and a range of artists to a private home each month.

“As an initiative that is proudly and visibly based in the nation’s capital, we migrate to different homes in different neighborhoods every month, aiming to bring art to different communities at the same [time] that we invite these communities to become a part of Little Salon and DC’s creative life in general,” says founder and organizer Chris Maier. “At each salon, you can definitely expect a new local food or drink maker and visual art on display. We’ll have a musical act at each salon, and there’s likely to be a poet, fiction writer or storyteller,” he continues.

In two years, the program has presented the work of more than 170 artists. The June salon is happening at the Takoma home of DC folk musician Maureen Andary.

“She and her husband just put a stage and a state-of-the-art sound system in their house,” Maier says. “The July salon will take place in a space that is part home/part studio of an architecture shop that the homeowner co-founded, called E/L Studio. It’s in Naylor Court, Shaw.”

Little Salons this summer will be held from 7-10 p.m. on June 28, July 26 and August 30; tickets are $20.

Little Salon: 

More Picks
On June 25 from 6-9 p.m., the Arlington Art Center presents “Strange Landscapes,” “Materialized Magic” and AAC Resident Artist Austin Shull’s solo exhibition, “Reconciliation,” in the Wyatt Resident Artist Gallery on the upper level. Have a glass of wine and a snack with the artists. Free. Arlington Arts Center:3550 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA;

On June 26, the (Up)Rising Festival is a free, all-day street fair. Experience creative collaborations by dozens of visual and performing artists while enjoying hands-on activities, food and drink, and shopping at area retailers. The festival runs from 12-6 p.m. with an after party from 6-8 p.m. (Up)Rising Festival: Rhode Island Avenue between 4 th and 24 th Streets in NE, DC;

The Phillips Collection hosts Phillips after 5 on the first Thursday of every month from 5-8:30 p.m. Gallery talks and live performances are held throughout the museum, and wine and food is available. Tickets are $12 and $10 for students. The Phillips Collection : 1600 21st St. NW, DC;

Second Thursday Art Night at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria opens up the former munitions plant for live music, multiple gallery openings, artist talks, hands-on activities and wine. Free. Torpedo Factory: 105 North Union St. Alexandria, VA;

We, The Party People
Don’t miss this after-hours, non-partisan celebration at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (NMAH) on Saturday, June 18 from 7-11 p.m. Brightest Young Things is partnering with the NMAH to “explore how Americans have participated in their democracy with lightening talks, political history objects-out-of-storage and access to exhibitions.” Guests can collaborate with Rock the Vote and Brigade to encourage participation from young voters, check out talks presented by the Washington Post, listen to a DJ set from Biz Markie, and enjoy food and libations inspired by the early years of American voting. 21+ event; tickets $20-$30. The National Museum of American History: 1300 Constitution Ave. NW, DC;

We, The Party People photo: Courtesy of   
Other event photos: Courtesy of respective event hosts

Elaina Adrianna

Top Model USA Competitor and Local Actress Elaina Adrianna

Fresh off the heels of making her 2016 DC Fashion Week debut on the runway, local model and actress Elaina Adrianna is gearing up for Top Model USA’s national competition in August. The 22-year-old Bristow, Va. resident is also an aspiring actress, and wrapping up her senior year at George Mason University where she’s double majoring in communication and theater. On Tap caught up with the ambitious beauty, also featured on this month’s cover, to learn more about her aspirations and some of her favorite things to do in the District.
On Tap: What are your professional goals after graduation? 
Elaina Adrianna: My hope is to [become] a full-time actress. I have been working on this dream ever since I was a little girl performing in a small playhouse in Hanau, Germany [a self-described Army brat, Elaina was born in Germany and returned with her family in middle school when she launched her acting career]. I plan to head out to California in a year or less. I’ve been preparing for this move for four years, so now I’m excited to finally get out there.
OT: Walk us through some of your more recent acting credits. 
EA: I did a short horror film this past year, For We Are Many. Recently, I just finished working on another short horror film, An Evil Mind. In short films, I was lucky enough to be cast as the lead. I also landed a role out of hundreds at the International Spy Museum for a show called Spy Chasers. I am continuing my work on TV and movies, and hope to [be in] feature films in California soon.
OT: Would you also like to continue modeling after you graduate, and in what capacity?
EA: I loved walking the runway for DC Fashion Week, [which] allowed me the opportunity to walk for international designers, but I’d love to fly overseas and walk in an international show. My hope is to walk in New York Fashion Week next.
OT: What led to your participation in the Top Model USA competition? 
EA: [The DC Fashion Week] experience led me to the Top Model USA modeling competition at George Mason, and I decided to participate. The competition took place on May 1, and I won second place. I was approached by the Top Model team afterward and told that I would be moving on to the [national] Top Model USA competition in August. The winner in August has the chance to compete internationally for modeling contracts at a future competition.
OT: What do you love most about modeling?
EA: I love the different locations. My favorite so far was definitely Masseria, the location used for [On Tap’s June cover] shoot. I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and its unique character compared to other DC locations.
OT: What are your go-to outdoor spots for summer?
EA: For my 21st birthday, I was taken to the Brixton [in the U Street Corridor]. It is a three-level bar with a rooftop bar [at the top]. It was such a good time. I always suggest it for a fun night out.
OT: Are there any local boutiques or designers that you swear by?
EA: I loved the clothing from [DC-based] designer Belle Flowers at DC Fashion Week.
OT:  Any summer style tips for ladies in the DMV?
EA: My absolute favorite is cork sandals. They go with absolutely everything and make your legs look long and gorgeous. I also always have to have a pop of color with every outfit; usually I go with a bold lipstick.
OT: What are your favorite ways to celebrate summer in the city?
EA: One of my favorite bars is Madhatter. They offer Alice in Wonderland-type hats that you drink out of and an awesome dance floor to keep you entertained all night. There are also pop-up parties, which run under the name SEV Cities. They’re fun for any 20-something to party in DC and be exposed to local vendors with some awesome take-home gifts.
Keep up with Elaina Adrianna:

Photo: Nick & Erin Donner
Dress & necklace: Hysteria in Old Town Alexandria

May Arts Events

May Arts Events Roundup

May is the official beginning of summer festival season. While music festivals tend to get all the attention, don’t forget to also look out for special summertime visual and performing arts events (and no, we’re not just talking about Fringe). Here are three we’re particularly excited about this month.

Dupont Underground
Did you know there used to be a trolley station under Dupont Circle? Back in 1949, the city built 75,000 square feet of underground platforms and tunnels, but the tunnels were soon abandoned and forgotten. Now, years later, a group of local arts entrepreneurs have banded together to revitalize the tunnels, hoping to create an extensive arts venue underneath the circle. Open to the public for the first time in years, the Dupont Underground just launched its first art project, “Raise/Raze,” by New York-based architecture and design firm Hou de Sousa. Installed in a corner of the tunnels, “Raise/Raze” consists of large cubes made entirely from the plastic balls that populated “The Beach” at the National Building Museum last summer. Touching and moving the art is encouraged. “It’s a fully community-driven art experience,” says board member and Pink Line Project founder Philippa Hughes. “Every part of the project has been community oriented.”  Dupont Underground opened officially on April 30. Registration required. Dupont Underground: Dupont Circle, NW, DC;

IRELAND 100:  Celebrating a Century of Irish Arts & Culture
Every year, the Kennedy Center puts on a festival focused on a single country. This year, the focus is on Ireland, which just celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising – and the beginning of its struggle for independence from Great Britain – last month. Highlighting Irish culture’s relationship to the U.S., “IRELAND 100” will feature Irish dancers, musicians, writers, artists and theater companies, a whiskey tasting, a Samuel Beckett radio play, and a tribute to Irish-American John F. Kennedy, whose own centennial is coming up next year. “IRELAND 100” takes place from May 17 to June 5. Prices vary based on individual event. The Kennedy Center: 2700 F St. NW, DC;

Hustle 2.0
Last month, DC creative agency No Kings Collective took over a space at Union Market. Dubbed Lab 1270, the pop-up space is hosting a reincarnation of No Kings Collective’s 2015 exhibition from May 13 to June 5, celebrating local artists and drawing attention to the needs and desires of the DC arts community. The free show will be design-oriented, with examples of typography, 2D works, multimedia, sculpture and prints, all by local artists. Union Market’s Lab 1270: 1270 5th St. NE, DC;

IRELAND 100 photo: Rich Gilligan
Dupont Underground photo: Courtesy of Dupont Underground 

dogs of on tap

Dogs of On Tap

Dogs of On Tap

On Tap is a dog-friendly office, and we’re super proud of our eclectic group of adorable pups! Without further ado, please meet the one and only dogs of On Tap.

BLUE (left)
Age: Four-and-a-half
Breed: Australian shepherd mix (a.k.a. mutt)
Owner: Theresa
Best personality trait: Loves other dogs and wants to be everyone’s best friend
Favorite activity: Riding in the back of the Jeep with his head sticking out the window
Ideal day: Going to the dog park and then sitting outside somewhere where he can lay down, relax and people-watch
Local hangout: Cantina Marina
Famous at On Tap for: Napping on the cold kitchen floor or laying on the couch with Alanna

IRIS (top right)
Age: Two-and-a-half
Breed: Boston terrier
Owner: Monica
Best personality trait: Quirky, incredibly sweet and always game for singing duets with her dad
Favorite activity:
Fetching the tennis ball, hands-down
Ideal day:
Morning cuddle session followed by a day filled with tennis balls and playing with friends
Local hangout:
Shirlington Dog Park or her grandparents’ sweet pad in Marshall, Va.
Famous at On Tap for:
Playing with her buddies Blue and Latte, and begging everyone to throw her the tennis ball

LATTE (bottom center)
Age:  Six months
Breed: Peewee puggle
Owner: Adrianne
Best personality trait: Her endearing optimism
Favorite activity: Giving kisses and snuggling up
Ideal day: Tons of activity, lots of cuddle time and plenty of treats
Local hangout: Yards Park
Famous at On Tap for: Playing with the other doggies

OLIVIA (bottom left)
Age: 4
Breed: Australian shepherd
Owner: Jenn
Best personality trait: Super snuggly and energetic
Favorite activity: Going to Great Meadow and running free
Ideal day: Waking Jenn up with many kisses and talking, going to the barn to see the horses, then hopping in the truck and going somewhere fun for a walk
Local hangout: Cantina Marina and Yards Park
Famous at On Tap for: Not being quite ready for the office

OLLIE (top center)
Age: 15 months
Breed: French bulldog/chihuahua mix
Owner: Nick C.
Best personality trait: Extremely friendly and loving
Favorite activity: Wrestling with Dad
Ideal day: Visiting his grandparents and running free in their large backyard with his favorite ball
Local hangout: Enjoying a taste from back home on the dog-friendly patio at Agua 301
Famous at On Tap for: Horseplay with the others

Derby Fashion Washington D.C.

Derby Fashion

Whether you’re glamming it up on the lawns at Gold Cup on May 7 or Preakness on May 21, or attending a derby-themed party, local boutiques have everything you need to be the most stylish woman – or man – under the sun.

“This is an opportunity to refine your style,” says Julie Egermayer of Violet Boutique, moving to Georgetown on May 2. Recommending lace dresses, off-the-shoulder blouses and full skirts in longer lengths, she adds, “the stacked heel is back, so you don’t have to worry about your stilettos sinking into the grass.”

Men have to dress up too, and the Lucky Knot has it all – from head-to-toe seersucker to a pretty pink bowtie your man can pair with a casual suit. Shop at their Annapolis location or adjoining his and hers stores in Alexandria.

“We also have a young, contemporary boutique one block away called 3 Sisters in Old Town,” says Athina Kohilas, who runs the stores with her family.

“There you will find the brightest and trendiest styles of the season that won’t break the bank. Our flowy racerback dress would look great with a pair of our TOMS espadrilles and a cute straw hat.”

Of course, you can’t really do derby fashion justice with a bare head.

“We have a wide range of styles for both men and women,” says Anna Fuhrman, who has been running DC’s Proper Topper for 25 years.

Wide-brimmed, face-framing hats, panamas, straw boaters, fedoras and adorable fascinators are all available and beautifully crafted, starting at $25.

“A really bold statement hat generally tells the story on its own, so I suggest simple accessories, like small sparkly studs in a hue that accents the hat,” she adds.

Have the hat but need everything else? Try Reddz Trading, located in both Georgetown and Bethesda. Wendy Ezrailson founded the shop in 2010, and it offers secondhand clothing, shoes and bags, plus a ton of jewelry – all in pristine condition.

“Everything is one-of-a-kind,” she says.

From lace dresses for $30 to high-end designer pieces, there’s a perfect race day outfit for everyone, so check out these area locations for options.

Where to get these looks:
3 Sisters: 213 King St. Alexandria ,VA;
The Lucky Knot: 101 and 103 King St. Alexandria, VA or 176 Main St. Annapolis, MD;
Proper Topper: 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, DC;
Reddz Trading: 1413 Wisconsin Ave. NW, DC or 7801 Woodmont Ave. Bethesda, MD;
Violet Boutique: 3289 M St. NW, DC;

Violet Boutique photo: Morgan Hungerford West
Reddz Trading photo: Vanessa Mallory Kotz
Other photos courtesy of stores

dog friendly dc
All photos courtesy of featured businesses

Dog-Friendly DC

It’s no secret that DC is a dog-friendly city. From Capitol Riverfront to Shirlington, there’s no shortage of love for pups in neighborhoods in and around the DMV. As summer approaches, opportunities to hang with your pooch outside of the house or your local park grow tenfold – doggie happy hours, canine-themed festivities and outdoor venues abound. On Tap caught up with some of our favorite pup-focused businesses to get their insight into the best dog-friendly events and locales in and around the city.

Favorite Dog-Friendly Summer Events

Sarah H.B. Cook, Special Events Manager at the Washington Humane Society: The Bark Ball (on Saturday, June 11) benefiting the Washington Humane Society/Washington Animal Rescue League because it’s the only black-tie event where DC’s movers and shakers can bring their four-legged friends as their guests.

Toni Woods, CEO of Anytime K9, LLC (dog-walking, pet-sitting and training services): I love [On Tap’s] Running of the Chihuahuas as it is the cutest event of the year. Day of the Dog (on Saturday, May 7) is great because it is held in the fenced-in historical Congressional Cemetery and has food trucks provided by yours truly, Anytime K9.

Terry McLaurin, Social Media & Marketing Director at Wagtime (pet spa and boutique): Our top three dog-friendly events would be the [Day of the Dog], [On Tap’s] Running of the Chihuahuas and Pups in the Park (runs April through October). We look forward to being a part of these events. They’re always a fun time for everyone!

Best Doggie Happy Hours

Kelly Kundrat, Outreach and Communications Manager at Metro Mutts DC (pet supplies and services): There are so many to choose from! There are quite a few pet-friendly restaurants near us on H Street. We love happy hours at Driftwood Kitchen [and] TD Burger.

Kristina Robertson, President of Barkley Square Pets (pet-sitting and dog-walking service): Yappy Hour at Mad Fox in Falls Church, Va., hosted by yours truly.

Anytime K9’s Toni Woods: We throw a yappie hour monthly at various apartment buildings around the city. We provide beverages as treats for the dogs while giving them information about our services.

Washington Humane’s Sarah Cook: Cantina Marina’s yappy hour by Nationals Park. These yappy hours run from May 16 to September 19 on every third Monday each month. [They’re] the perfect way to enjoy the weather by the water with your pup!

Top Outdoor Hangouts

Metro Mutts’ Kelly Kundrat: I love Lincoln Park! It is located in the heart of Capitol Hill, and has a great walking trail around its perimeter and throughout.

Barkley Square’s Kristina Robertson: Shirlington Dog Park.

Wagtime’s Terry McLaurin: We always take our dogs to Rock Creek Park. There are so many different trails – it’s an adventure for you and your pups. Not to mention some of the local dog parks in Shaw!

Anytime K9’s Toni Woods: A great unofficial dog park in DC is Lincoln Park in Capitol Hill. It’s a daily meeting place for dogs to get to know each other and share treats, toys and games of fetch.

Washington Humane’s Sarah Cook: I love spending time on the Mall with my pup! There’s always other wiggly tails to meet and greet while you’re out there.

Perks of Being a Dog in the DMV

Washington Humane’s Sarah Cook: With so many outdoor parks including the Mall, Rock Creek Park, the Arboretum and many dog parks throughout the city, it’s obvious that DC is a dog-friendly town! Whether they’re chasing Frisbees in the dog park, or licking ice cream by the Capitol building – it’s obvious that DC loves DC animals!

Anytime K9’s Toni Woods: DC is a great city for dogs because of all of the green space! Unlike in many large cities, parks are everywhere and it’s not hard to find a nice spot to hang out or take care of business.

Metro Mutts’ Kelly Kundrat: We love seeing the unique ways large pet-friendly residential buildings incorporate dog-friendly spaces into their designs. We’re seeing more and more rooftop or courtyard dog parks, as well as pet spas.

Check out information below on each of these dog-friendly businesses.  

Anytime K9, LLC: 1232 9th St. NW, DC and 900 M St. SE, DC;
Barkley Square Pets: 211 N. Union St. Ste. 100, Alexandria, VA and 105 N. Virginia Ave. Ste. 101, Falls Church, VA;
Metro Mutts DC: 508 H St. NE, DC and 407 8th St. SE, DC;
Wagtime: 1232 9th St. NW, DC and 900 M St. SE, DC;
Washington Humane Society:
Various locations around DC;

All photos courtesy of featured businesses