Fall Outdoor Activities

Fall Outdoor Activities for DMV Millennials

As we enjoy the dog days of summer, it’s time to prepare for arguably the best season of the year — fall. For those living in the DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area, fall is full of great opportunities for spending time outdoors. From food festivals to catching your own food, here are four outdoor activities for DMV-area millennials.

While hunting is illegal in Washington, DC, there are areas just outside of the capital that provide a great opportunity to get outdoors and try a new sport. The DC tradition of hunting runs deep in American history where it was done mainly for survival, providing an excellent food source before supermarkets were readily available. Although hunting today isn’t for survival, most shooters will try to use every part of their hunt. The general hunting season for black-tailed deer, white-tailed deer and mule deer runs from October 15 to 31. If this is your first time hunting in the area, be sure to research the regulations and stock up on the  essential hunting gear you’ll need for a successful trip.

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to change color, fall is the best time to do some  hiking in the DMV area. Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls is a challenging 4.7-mile hike near Carderock, Maryland, that requires hikers to scramble over boulders while providing some of the most beautiful scenery in the area. If you’re looking for a longer backpacking trip, the Appalachian Trail, which runs 2,179 miles, is a great four-day excursion.

Fishing and Crabbing
Fall means fishing, and luckily for DMV residents, DC’s waters are home to more than 70 species of fish. The Potomac and Anacostia Rivers both offer great opportunities for recreational fishing with boat launches and marinas. Before you head out, be sure to purchase a fishing license. Crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay is also a must for people living in the area. As a recreational crabber, you may fish from docks, piers, bridges, boats and shorelines using dip nets and handlines without a license, but if you decided to crab in the bay by chartering a boat, you’ll need to purchase a  recreational crabbing license.

Attend a Festival
The DMV area goes big when it comes to their  fall festival season. Whether you’re a foodie anxious to sample what local restaurants and eateries have to offer, a culture junkie ready to embrace exotic food and music, an artist interested in broadening your creative flare or a sucker for the holidays, there’s a festival for just about everyone. Here are just a few to check out:

September: Latino Festival – Fiesta; Mt. Washington Wine, Art and Jazz Festival, Maryland Seafood Festival; Adams Morgan Day Festival; H Street Festival; DC Shorts Film Festival

October: German Oktoberfest; Taste of Georgetown; Taste of DC; Mount Vernon’s Fall Wine Festival and Sunset Tour; Taste of Bethesda; Baltimore Rhythm Festival; Maryland Renaissance Festival; Kids Euro Festival

November: Maryland Irish Festival; Baltimore Whiskey Festival; First Sunday Arts Festival; Holiday Festival of Trains at Ellicott City Station

Flats 8300 (18)

Flats 8300 Oktoberfest Celebration 2016

Guests came to Flats 8300 for a fall Oktoberfest Celebration on Thursday, September 29, 2016 from 7:00-9:00pm. They enjoyed complimentary German fare from Rock Bottom and Oktoberfest Beer & Wine. Live music from Phil Kominski duo. Must be 21+ to consume alcohol. Photos taken by Mark Van Bergh.

Permacounterculture Series 2016 (29)

Permacounterculture Series at Hamiltonian Gallery

Guests at the Hamiltonian Gallery enoyed the new Permacounterculture exhibition orchestrated by artist Naoko Wowsugi. Photos: KGabriellePhoto.com


Featured Video: Above the Scene, A Rooftop Fashion Show at the Arris

Guests enjoyed a fabulous evening of fashion on the rooftop of the Arris. Imagine, a runway over the pool, an amazing rooftop view of the waterfront, collections from top D.C. designers Corjor International. Heydari and Leighel Desiree, pop-up-shops, complimentary light fare, beer, wine, signature cocktails, music and tours of DC’s hottest new address.

Dog-friendly capitol riverfront

A Dog’s Life in Capitol Riverfront

Dog-friendly is an understatement when describing the Capitol Riverfront. From Pups in the Park at Nats Park in the summer months to On Tap’s annual Wiener 500 Dash every fall, the opportunities for canine fun are endless. We caught up with seven-year-old golden retriever Aurey, who has lived with her owner Mike in the Capitol Yards building for four years, to find out what she loves most about Capitol Riverfront.

On Tap: What’s your favorite dog park in Capitol Riverfront?
Aurey: Well, I do love our dog park in Yards Park ( www.yardspark.org). It’s always busy and I make so many new friends there. However, my favorite spot is down on the “steps” that overlook the river. It’s full of families (and kids with yummy, sticky faces to lick) who want to say hello and pet me.

OT: What about your go-to walk with Mike around the neighborhood?
A: I love going to the Fairgrounds ( www.fairgroundsdc.com) by Nats Park. People are so friendly and love on me, and the bartenders there even give me cups of ice to snack on. One time, a bartender gave me an old baseball he had behind the bar – it was the best! I’m also a huge fan of the boardwalk (part of the Anacostia Riverwalk). Sometimes I chase birds – it’s so much fun!

OT: What’s the best location to get doggie treats?
A: Being a golden retriever has its advantages! People always want to give me treats when I’m at Unleashed by Petco   ( www.unleashedbypetco.com) for a $5 bath on Wednesday nights.

OT: What restaurants do you like to visit with Mike?
A: There are so many places with patios that get excited when I visit. I take Mike to Agua 301 (301 Water St. SE) – he loves their margaritas! I also like to take him to Willie’s Brew & Que (300 Tingey St. SE) to relax on the patio with a cold Corona Light.

OT: What dog-friendly events do you never miss? 
A: My favorites are the Wiener 500 in Yards Park every fall, and Barktoberfest – they have a van full of cats! A van full of cats to chase…I mean adopt? It’s agreat time.


Yards Park

Friday Night Concert at Yards Park

Guests enjoyed the last concert of the summer at Yards Park with live music by Party Like Its. Photos: Cristina O’Connell

Adult Summer Camp Activities in the DMV
Portrait of a beautiful redhead girl in red dress with suitcase and binocular on the meadow. Photo in old color image style

Young at Heart Adult Summer Camp Activities in the DMV

Who says that you can’t embrace your inner child every once in a while? Whenever you have a spare moment to remove yourself from your “adulting” ways, go out and enjoy some of this month’s adult-inspired summer camp activities!

Arts & Crafts  
Color Me Mine
All summer long, walk-ins can enjoy painting DIY pottery. Color Me Mine: 823 Ellsworth Dr. Silver Spring, MD; www.silverspring.colormemine.com

Merlot’s Art
In August, painting classes are offered with a surprise twist: wine. Merlot’s Art: 1512 U St. NW, DC; www.merlotsart.com

Sill Life
Explore your inner scientist while creating DIY terrariums. The Lemon Bowl: 3015 Georgia Ave. NW, DC; www.silllife.com

Woodworkers Club
Channel Ron Swanson by taking beginners woodworking classes. Woodworkers Club:11910 Parklawn Dr. Rockville, MD; www.woodworkersclub.com

Washington Area Bicycling Association (WABA)

As a beginner or a pro, bicycling is joyous summer fun. WABA: 2599 Ontario Rd. NW, DC; www.waba.org

Wild Yough Glamping Huts
Tents are boring! Instead, go glamping in luxurious huts. Wild Yough Glamping Huts:1976 Herrington Manor Rd. Oakland, MD; www.wildyoughglamping.wordpress.com

Cooking classes are offered for adults of all skill levels. CulinAerie: 1131 14th St. NW, DC; www.culinaerie.com


The Adventure Park
For adventurous people, night climbs occur rain or shine every weekend. The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring: 16701 Norwood Rd. Sandy Spring, MD;www.sandyspringadventurepark.org

Horseback Riding

Woodland Horse Center 
Horseback riding is a unique workout experience away from the gym. Woodland Horse Center: 16301 New Hampshire Ave. NE, Silver Spring, MD;www.woodlandhorse.com

Rock Band for Adults
Relive your rock star fantasy by attending these rock band sessions. Levine Music:1125 N. Patrick Henry Dr. Arlington, VA; www.levinemusic.org

Bubble Run
A non-competitive run through frothy, bubbly goodness. August 13. Rosecroft Raceway: 6336 Rosecroft Dr. Fort Washington, MD; www.bubblerun.com

The Color Run
The happiest 5K in existence with a twist: paint. August 13. Camden Yards Sports Complex: 333 W. Camden St. Baltimore, MD; www.thecolorrun.com

Bubble Soccer
Bubbleball is a combination of bumper cars, sumo wrestling and pure fun. Bubbleball DC: Various locations throughout DC, VA and MD; www.bubbleballdc.com

Mini Yoga Retreat
A yoga retreat with brunch, hiking and wine? Yes, please! The Retreat at Veritas: 72 Saddleback Farm, Afton, VA; www.veritasfarmhouse.com

Photo: Dumebi Ewadoge and  Tracy Conoboy
Photo: Dumebi Ewadoge and Tracy Conoboy

Trending: DC Fashion Week Founder Ean Williams

DC is a fickle town when it comes to men’s fashion. In New York and Los Angeles, fashion-forward clothing is a mark of success. Here, it’s all about striking the right balance – if an outfit seems too young or flashy, coworkers (and bosses) will question the dedication and seriousness of the wearer. This is a working town, after all, dominated by two industries: politics and tourism.

Ean Williams is an expert in navigating the subtleties of getting dressed. A former non-commissioned Air Force intelligence officer and NASA engineer, Williams is perhaps best known locally for launching DC Fashion Week more than 20 years ago. From September 21-25, the District will be the place to see the work of some of the best designers in the industry. What started as a way to promote Williams’ menswear line, Corjor International, DC Fashion Week has become a sensation in the city and overseas.

“People were thirsty for this platform,” he says, noting that last year’s menswear show sold out.

It’s an opportunity for designers from around the world to present their work, while fashionistas who may not get the best seats at fashion weeks in New York, Milan or Paris can get up close and personal with the latest looks.

Lately, Williams has taken note of the impact celebrities have had on fashion. Moguls like 50 Cent and Kanye West have become fashion icons through their labels, while style watchers around the world are paying attention to, and emulating, what athletes wear off the court and beyond the field.

Williams partially credits his parents with his interest in fashion.

“My mom was always stylish, and my dad was flashy,” he says, clearly proud of his family.

He spent most of his youth in Memphis by way of St. Louis and Chicago.

“I would describe myself as having Southern style. I always liked to be trendy and stand out.”

Even while in the military, where clothing options were limited, Williams paid attention to his look through grooming. He’s happy that more men are comfortable getting manicures and pedicures these days.

“I used to go out of town to get my nails done,” he says, laughing. “Now I see guys with their girlfriends [and] wives at the salon.”

He adds, “Men in DC have more choices than they did, say, 12 years ago.”

A beautifully tailored suit is standard, but guys can add a pop of color and whimsy with printed socks and vibrant pocket squares. The designer has a few words of advice: coordinate the width of the tie to the width of the lapel, stick to flat-front trousers and never wear sandals with socks (no matter what the runway tells you).

“It’s okay to study the trends, but it doesn’t always work.”

Fit and comfort are the golden rules – and by comfort, he means what makes the wearer feel good.

So what are some of the trends Williams does embrace? Rich colors like emerald green and coral, Cuban collars, and bold accessories like jewelry are all on his list. Above all, when dressing for work, he says to “take your cues from management.” If management dresses conservatively, save the trendy stuff for leisure time.

Williams’ latest line, Magnum, features swimwear and colorful underwear, and will be on the runway, along with other labels, on September 23 at the Menswear Collections & Retailers show at DC Fashion Week.
For a full list of DC Fashion Week designers, schedules and tickets, visitwww.dcfashionweek.org.
Photo: Dumebi Ewadoge and Tracy Conoboy

From Burning Buildings to Cold Brews: Selling Beers with Fire-Proof Preparation

Nicole Waugh has no problem prepping for a disaster. Not a missed meeting or a flat tire – this former volunteer firefighter knows how to put out a flaming building or a hazardous wildfire. Now she takes that skill and applies it to her career as a field specialist in the beer industry.

Forced to leave firefighting due to multiple back surgeries, Waugh is happy to have experienced the rigors of putting out flames firsthand.

“I wanted something challenging, and I wanted to ground myself a little bit. I still haven’t officially resigned.”

And though she misses her days of volunteering, Waugh has found a happy place in her current role at Premium Distributors of Virginia in Chantilly.

Waugh began her job at Premium four years ago, working in the draft department as a repair technician. She was one of the people responsible for keeping the beer flowing at Jiffy Lube Live, one of her favorite venues to attend as a music lover, but now she’s a field service representative, using her gift of gab to focus on sales.

“I never really thought that I would be in the beer industry,” Waugh says. “When my friend asked me if I was comfortable using tools, and getting down and dirty fixing stuff, I said ‘Yes.’ I knew that I would eventually want to be in sales, though. That was my ultimate goal. I’ve loved it.”

“It’s more of a career,” she says. “I don’t consider it a job. There’s so much room for growth. Every day is different, and you get to constantly meet new people. I’m very competitive with other salespeople, and I love that nature of the business.”

On a day-to-day basis, Waugh acts as one of the faces of the company, educating patrons about products, ensuring orders are fulfilled and keeping clients satisfied.

When she’s not working, Waugh spends the majority of her time with her 10-year-old daughter Gabrielle, nicknamed G. The pair is inseparable and very active, going horseback riding and participating in extreme sports.

Clearly, there’s no slowing down this dynamic woman. If you see her out and about, be sure to raise a pint to thank her for her firefighting service and for helping ensure that you’ve got a cold one to drink.
Arris (73)

Arris The Scene Above Party

Guests enjoyed a fabulous evening of fashion on the rooftop of the Arris. Imagine, a runway over the pool, an amazing rooftop view of the waterfront, collections from top D.C. designers Corjor International. Heydari and Leighel Desiree, pop-up-shops, complimentary light fare, beer, wine, signature cocktails, music and tours of DC’s hottest new address. Photos: Adrianne Depew and Lindsay Galatro