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Before Renovations, MLK Library Rocked the Stacks

People don’t often associate nightlife with libraries. The fluorescent bulbs hanging above the bookshelves and blinding computer screens shut off when the sun goes down. Past 6 p.m., the only inhabitants in the big buildings are the characters living within the pages bound by spines of different shapes and sizes. Google told me as much […]

What’s On Tap

Greetings, beer nerds! As you likely know, there are a number of wonderful events in the DMV where you can grab a pint, and every month offers new opportunities to hoist old reliables and new brews. If you’d rather avoid the guessing game, check out some of what’s coming up on tap below. WEDNESDAY, MARCH […]

The Smithsonian Taps Theresa McCulla as Beer Historian

Theresa McCulla knows beer. The Harvard-educated historian may have little hands-on brewing experience, other than bottling her father’s homemade brews in their garage as an eight-year-old. But the DC native knows beer because it’s ingrained in her family lineage. Apart from her father, who routinely dabbled in craft creations when she was growing up, she […]

Behind the Bar: Twists on the Norm

One of the coolest things about DC is the variety of people you meet. Whether it’s because a new administration is cycling in, or people are flocking for job opportunities, the city is bursting with folks from different backgrounds. When you have this kind of diversity, it’s paramount that our city offer an interesting selection […]

A Day in the Life with Sportscaster Hayley Milon

With experience in the studio and on the sidelines, Hayley Milon has taken in sporting events from all angles. Whether it’s sitting down with Bradley Beal at a media day event or listening in on a huddle mid-quarter to get an earful of strategy, Milon is always striving to gather the scoop for the audiences […]

Tennis Sails into DC on Heels of ‘Yours Conditionally’

“The thing about sailing is, you don’t know what day it is.” Alaina Moore tells me this over the phone during our interview. The sentiment of losing yourself to time, and breaking away from the rigid structure of a calendar, wasn’t an unfamiliar one. Nearly all of my retired grandparents echoed what the singer-songwriter confided. […]

Open Your Ears and Listen to the Sounds of the City

If you’re plugged into the local DC music scene, it’s likely you’re a frequent visitor of DC Music Download. The site is notable and reliable when it comes to tapping the pulse of the latest and greatest artists from the area. Every year, the site celebrates its anniversary around this time, and 2017 is no […]

Meet SRG’s New Pastry Perfectionist, Alex Levin

Starting this month, the Schlow Restaurant Group (SRG) led by chef Michael Schlow will open their doors to new pastry chef Alex Levin. In his role, Levin is set to lead and manage across the country. In a previous stop, the pastry dynamo wowed customers at Altamarea Group’s DC location, Osteria Morini. Before trying his […]

Collaboration Brews: Matches Made by Beer Cupid

February houses Valentine’s Day, the 24-hour period where folks are expected to drop their normal routines in favor of either pleasing, or chasing, a significant other with extravagant gifts and grandiose gestures of kindness. Apart from people celebrating the idealism centered on the pairing of two individuals, breweries have also been dipping their toes in […]

Behind the Bar: Big Easy Bars

With February comes the celebrated New Orleans staple of Mardi Gras, and even though we’re a few states north of Louisiana, the distance between DC and the festivities seems non-existent given the number of local bars offering a slice of the Southeast region. On Tap traveled to a few locations boasting New Orleans-style libations, so […]