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Superorganism Gives Something For Your Mind at SXSW

Under shining lights of blue, pink and yellow, Superorganism took center stage at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q for the NPR Music Showcase at SXSW on Wednesday, March 14. Later in the night, established veterans of the music industry grizzled with beards and years of experience would follow them, but this group carried a refreshing newness normally reserved for […]

Bat Fangs Sink Teeth into SXSW

The world works in interesting ways. For our April issue, we were planning to interview Bat Fangs – a duo made up of Laura King and Ex Hex‘s Betsy Wright – for a profile in advance of their April 26 show at the Luce Foundation Center for American Art. And since we all happened to be at SXSW this week, we were able to […]

DC’s Rico Nasty Finds Fans in Austin

I don’t know if the guy standing next to me at Rico Nasty‘s set during the SoundCloud showcase at SXSW on Tuesday night was from DC, but I would say that he probably was not. Despite this likelihood (which admittedly is just a hunch), the guy knew nearly every word to every song, sometimes offering as […]

Starcrawler Has Ants in Pants at SXSW

Like exorcising a demon from a helpless child, Starcrawler‘s Henri Cash, Austin Smith and Tim Franco began their SXSW set at The Main II on Tuesday, March 13 making raucous sounds. I can’t say music, because it wasn’t a song. Rather, it was a ritual, a calling to summon the missing frontwoman who would lead […]

Tacos and Tech So Far at SXSW

Folks, we have arrived! And although we didn’t actually get to Texas (aka my homeland) until the wee-hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning, On Tap staff (i.e., myself and Monica) decided to kick start the trip with a stop into a legitimate taco joint: Tyson’s Tacos. First off, let me just say that DC has a gaping […]

Meet DC’s All-90s Band: White Ford Bronco

“For the people in this room, this will sound better when there’s like 1,000 fans,” Diego Valencia shouts into the mic at 9:30 Club. Valencia, a founding member of DC-based 90s cover band White Ford Bronco, just wrapped up serenading the mostly empty venue on a Friday evening in February to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ […]

Old Films At A Theater Near You

Movies arrive and depart. They receive ceremonial hype via trailers and press tours where the actors appear on “best dressed lists” and give quippy quotes about the movie before giving annoyed quotes about the movie, because the questions on these types of things seldom vary. After this gratuitous promotion, the film hits the big screen […]

The Bruery Brings Their Brews To DC

For local beer lovers who didn’t get the memo in late January, you might have missed the grand opening of DC’s latest beer store: The Bruery. Along with crafted concoctions, including beers with higher-than-normal ABVs, the new beer retailer brings a robust reputation to its Union Market space. Though the brewery is firmly anchored in […]

Behind The Bar: Winter 2018

Sometimes being on the nose is appropriate. We’re on a Korean-inspired drinks kick this month, helping us get into the spirit for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Luckily, the DMV offers a handful of fun options for people who want to try Korean libations, and we picked a few to highlight before the […]

Kimbra Learns via Rediscovery For ‘Primal Heart’

Kimbra has outgrown her claim to fame. I’m sure you’ve heard it – the song was hard to escape in 2011 and cleaned up at nearly all the major award shows, including the Grammys. I’m talking about the tune “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. Before that song, I had never heard of […]