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Code It. Dance It. Technologic. Dance Place Presents Analog

The medley between humans and technology is a constantly evolving topic, with the latter continuously, seamlessly undergoing perpetual upgrades, forcing users to rethink how we approach specific tasks. Computers are unavoidable in the workspace, and everyone has buried their heads in a cell phone to conduct work, play a game or simply keep up with […]

Lowdown on Local Brews: On Tap’s Virginia Craft Beer Guide

Virginia Craft Beer Month presents the perfect time to acknowledge how the craft brew scene continues to explode throughout the state. No, these proverbial bursts aren’t of the catastrophic nature, but rather an accurate representation of the fiery rise in popularity these niche beverages are experiencing statewide. If you peruse the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild […]

Talking Style and Songs with LP

LP is fun to talk to. Before hopping on our call, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what to expect from the androgynous-dressing, soulful-singing pop diva, besides my desire to touch on her unisex fashion sense. LP – don’t call her Laura Pergolizzi – is a fixture in the pop genre, as her music […]

“Scary” Talented Artist Emily King Hits DC

It’s been a year since the release of Emily King’s latest album, The Switch, and apparently the record was so dope, she’s running it back. A deluxe re-release is set to hit both physical and digital music shops today, featuring three new tracks and a few demos of existing songs. Growing up in New York […]

We Went There: Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Our Nation’s Capital

On the heels of turning 21 in late 2014, I decided to attend a beverage survey class to expand my palate and frankly, to drink in class. For the first few weeks, I was enthralled. The opportunity to taste various wines, spirits and occasionally brews from different areas in the world was exhilarating. Eventually the […]

Yonder Mountain String Band Comes to Merryland Music Fest

The original members of Yonder Mountain String Band had no intention of picking such a traditional bluegrass name for the band back in 1998. Though the moniker has stuck for 18 years, the group feels no pressure to live up to the old-fashioned imagery derived from the words, as they draw inspiration from a plethora […]

Clayton Pelham Gets Physical for ‘The Miser’

At 28-years old, Clayton Pelham jumps on tables and speaks in a French accent for work. He’s neither French nor a parkour expert, but his current job requires both nimbleness of tongue and physical durability. Pelham is an actor. His career path has been anything but boring, leading him from DC to Atlanta to Los […]