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Ask the Experts: Retailers on Cider

One of my best friends in college never drank beer. When I say beer, I’m talking the entire spectrum of products — no crafts, no cheap 30 packs and certainly no crazy sours. He was a spirits and cider guy, specifically the latter. No matter the place we were drinking, no matter the specials scribbled […]

A Media Day stroll with Wizard Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter Jr. emerges from one of the various rooms buried deep within the Verizon Center, and he looks spooked. “I just talked to you about the scary stuff.” The 6’8” 23-year old says this not in a “ghost is haunting my house” sort of way, but more like a kid visiting their first haunted […]

Artist Song Wenjing makes US debut in Arlington

When I was in a Texas mandatory middle school art class, I hated calligraphy. Something about the way you had to hold the pen made it difficult for me to grasp (pun intended), and the work I turned in never appeared in my portfolio, which honestly consisted of rehashed anime drawings and dope charcoal paintings. […]

Alexandria Live Music Week Shines Spotlight on Local Talent

Alexandria Live Music Week Cofounder Scott Fallon is enamored with music. If you get a chance to chat with him, he’ll inundate you with his vast knowledge of the various music scenes found in Austin, New Orleans and Baltimore. Even though he’s a connoisseur of sounds throughout the country, when speaking about the hidden talents […]

The Redskins’ Resident Artist Vernon Davis

Folks in the area have likely heard of Vernon Davis. The DC native was a standout football and basketball player at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and then at the University of Maryland. In the 2006 NFL draft, he was taken sixth overall by the San Francisco 49ers, where he became the all-time franchise leader […]

Press Play on DC Theatre

It’s easy to press play nowadays. We sit back on our couches, put our feet up – perhaps snuggled with our significant other – and press the button. Some of these “play” buttons are on our phones, console controllers, the space bar or, if you’re old-fashioned, a remote. While there’s no shame in sitting in […]

Little Salon, Big Community

Chris Maier is typically tucked in a cramped office, nestled in Shaw’s Wonder Bread Factory, surrounded by countless start-ups and even more creative minds in one of WeWork’s collaborative DC offices. Made by Little’s space is more like a closet, with two desks stuffed within, and two bodies working toward innovation in storytelling through their […]

Launching Vodka’s Southern Belle

Old Dominion Spirits President and CEO A. Townsend Lunsford, Jr. isn’t a vodka drinker. At least he wasn’t before he and a few buddies gathered around a table to contemplate his plan to enter the business of producing spirits. The Warrenton, Va. native and VMI alumnus still fancies himself a wide-chested bourbon man, and if […]

New Devils Backbone Brews Provide Sturdy Support to End of Summer

When you hear the name “Devils Backbone,” you might imagine that the words are attached to a fierce product, perhaps containing even an ounce of danger. If the devil is rummaging around in the torrid underworld, his/her backbone is likely sturdy, and must support the physicality belonging to the supposed ruler of Dante’s inferno. Or […]