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A Survey of Scotch

Whisky and bourbon continue to dominate bar shelves and cocktail menus around DC, all the more so as the brisk temperatures roll in and the nights become longer. The sweet, nutty and woody notes of a well-made Old Fashioned cut through even the stiffest of fall gales. Yet for all of DC’s growing interest in […]

Buffalo Trace Spills on Why Bourbon Stays Strong

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, a celebration of the uniquely American whiskey distillers have been producing and perfecting for hundreds of years. And while plenty of goods grow stale with age – passed over in favor of the shinier, modern creations (see: mezcal) – interest in bourbon has no ceiling. Take DC for example, […]

Roll Out the Rum

Rum is one of the most nuanced spirits, both in its craft and taste. Regional differences mean there’s a bottle of rum for just about every palate. Too often, rum’s potential is restrained behind the bar, as it’s used for little more than boozing up tropical coolers best suited for cutting through triple-digit heat indexes. […]

Drink In Style: 10 Instaworthy Bar Designs

Most people judge a bar based on the quality of its drinks and selection of liquors. But that is just one aspect of the experience. Design plays an influential role in making a bar memorable, with an impact rivaling that of the taste and service. DC’s list of visually stunning bar spaces includes everything from […]

Where the Cocktails are as good as the Views

Views of grand monuments, quirky rowhouses and historic streets make Washington’s outdoor bars endlessly alluring. This summer, there’s a new crop of rooftop and patio watering holes to explore across the city, each perched high above the hustle and bustle. And it’s not just the view that makes them worthwhile – several of the city’s […]

DC’s Sustainable Dining Scene

Order up a drink at Hank’s Cocktail Bar and you may notice something’s missing when you take that first sip. The reason? This Petworth hangout, along with its five sister restaurants, only provide straws when requested. This shift is just one way the bar and its parent company, JL Restaurant Group, have been moving to […]

From Pinball To Throwing Axes: Game-Filled Bars

As a child, Ian Hilton would head to Bethesda’s Montgomery Mall and pump quarter after quarter into now-classic games like Gauntlet and bubble hockey. Now, the local restaurateur is bringing some arcade favorites to Washington’s 14th Street neighborhood, albeit with an adult twist. The 70s-themed Players Club is the latest concept from Ian and his […]

Full Service Radio’s Lunch Agenda

The entryway of a boutique hotel seems like an unlikely location for conversations about food insecurity or advice on the benefits of eating more vegetables. But these are the issues being tackled each Monday during Lunch Agenda, a new online radio show broadcasting from the LINE Hotel in Adams Morgan. The program debuted in early […]

Drink Your Way Through The Holidays

Finding unique entertainment during the winter months can be challenging, especially when the weather drives you to stay indoors. But DC is getting creative this season, with experiences like a rooftop ice rink and a pop-up bar decked out in Christmas lights and Hanukkah decorations. Here are six creative ways to spend the season with […]