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Record Store Day 2017: David Schlank of CD Cellar

In a large room in the City of Falls Church, records line the walls in giant rows, acting as a candy store for audiophiles in search of the best vinyl finds. Like most other folks in the vinyl business, CD Cellar’s David Schlank is prepping for a chaotic Record Store Day tomorrow. We had the […]

Record Store Day 2017: Noah David of Gumbo Records

Operating out of a garage, Gumbo Records has an intimate neighborhood feel, and that’s exactly what owner Noah David is going for. Though he started selling records on the web, the small weekend shop has become a bonafide place for record collectors and casual listeners alike to peruse selections. We caught up with David just […]

Record Store Day 2017: Neal Becton of Som Records

Doubling as a vinyl-only DJ, Som Records Owner Neal Becton grew up consuming vinyl records before CDs and MP3s were a thing. While everybody adapted to the ebb and flow of the industry, Becton held strong and kept his records in the hopes of a revival. Now with another Record Store Day on the horizon […]

Good Life Cocktail Club with Torrence Swain

In an effort to curate unique and engaging events that center around music, art and cocktails, Bourbon Steak’s Head Bartender, Torrence Swain, has combined multiple mediums to create one engaging experience with the Good Life Cocktail Club. We caught up with Swain about his unique take on the pop-up party concept, launched earlier this year. […]

Record Store Day 2017: Gene Melkisethian of Joint Custody

With vintage clothes and posters hanging on the walls, Joint Custody is a must-visit for music and pop culture lovers in search of memorabilia. At its heart though, the shop is still very much a record store, and with Record Store Day coming up on Saturday, April 22, it’s definitely worth checking out. We caught […]

Record Store Day 2017: Rob Norton of Hill & Dale

From the healthcare industry to helping run a record store, Hill & Dale’s owner Rob Norton grew up cultivating his love of music via repeated listens of old cassette tapes and vinyl records. With Record Store Day fast approaching on April 22, we caught up with Norton to talk about the renaissance of this timeless […]

Hill Prince: H Street Welcomes Classic Neighborhood Bar

Fourth-generation Washingtonians Nick and David Wiseman are excited to join the H Street community with their newest spot, Hill Prince. Nestled between the Atlas Performing Arts Center and the Rock & Roll Hotel, the duo is aiming to bring another option to the burgeoning area in their stripped-down version of a classic bar. We caught […]

Le DeSales Brings Popular French Bites and Curated Drinks

With a vast range in style and approach, there are numerous ways to conjure up French dishes in the kitchen. Le DeSales Executive Chef Raphael Francois is excited to bring simple, bistro-style dishes to the supremely decorated tables at the brand new restaurant. We caught up with Francois about Le DeSales, which opened March 29. […]