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Women’s Voices Theater Festival Challenges Status Quo

A PTSD-ridden marine plans her wedding. A man is held without charge in Guantanamo for 12 years. A reimagined Shakespeare play gives minorities the chance to be heard. A series of one-act plays follow the hard-luck stories of everyday people struggling to find their place in the world. Though the plots and themes of these […]

Dance This Mess Around: The B-52’s Cindy Wilson

There are certain moments in life that you can always return to, palpable memories that never leave you. For me, one of those moments was standing in the front row at a sold-out B-52’s show with my dad at the brand new House of Blues in Boston the night of my college graduation. As I […]

King Of Kitsch: John Waters

John Waters hates fruit baskets. “I can afford a pear for Christ’s sake,” the Baltimore-based cult icon tells me on a recent call. “Why would anybody send a pear? Send me cigarettes or porn.” And don’t get him started on gift cards. “That just means you think the person is stupid. You don’t have any […]

Local Sounds: New Releases from DC Musicians

As our city’s music scene continues to grow, so do the number of releases from local musicians. From experimental indie rock to country/R&B fusion to straight up soul, DC area musicians are flourishing across genres and pushing locals to experience new sounds. We caught up with three local artists with new albums out to see […]

Tina Fey and Creative Team on Broadway-Bound Mean Girls

Mean Girls is one of those coming-of-age films that rides the fine line between cult classic and mainstream appeal, with countless diehard fans quoting the movie in regular conversation and turning their favorite lines into hashtags 13 years later. And for us theatre nerds on the cult classic side of the fence, it seems only […]

Singer-Songwriter Nellie McKay Brings Quirky Charm to AMP

Nellie McKay was one of the first songstresses my husband ever played for me during the very early months of our relationship. It was quite clear that he had a huge crush on her, partly because of her retro aesthetic and quirky personality, but mostly because of her breathy, truly one-of-a-kind vocals and versatility as a singer-songwriter. […]

Fully Immersive Theatre: In Cabaret We Trust

As someone who has spent countless hours nestled safely in the audience during some of our city’s best theatre productions, the idea of being approached by an actor mid-performance and drawn into the plot is equal parts terrifying and intriguing. And those emotions are at least part of what artistic director Strother Gaines is gunning […]

A Day in the Life: Rockets are Red’s Jeffrey Everett

If you’re into music, Jeffrey Everett is a guy you want to know. The talented artist and owner of Rockville-based design agency Rockets are Red has designed hundreds of concert posters for bands like Foo Fighters, Social Distortion, The Decemberists and Wilco, not to mention comedians like Marc Maron, Nick Offerman and David Cross. In […]

The Who Rocks On at MGM

It can be daunting to write a review about a living legend, much less two. I’ve seen my fair share of them – Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Brian Wilson, Lou Reed when he was still with us – the list goes on. But I’ve never used the written word to describe those experiences, […]