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In Derby We Trust

I was on time, but found no one else there. Waze led me to a row of desolate warehouses, and I had no idea behind which dark door I might find my point of contact, Slam Grier. “I didn’t know I was this intense of a reporter,” I thought. I was in an industrial park, […]

Carnival and a Barking Dog: Rufino Tamayo at SAAM

David Alfaro Siqueiros famously said, “Our is the only way.” Siqueiros was one of the “big three” Mexican muralists, alongside Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, and he sounds like he was a bit of a bully. The response of his contemporary Rufino Tamayo is excellent. “Can you believe that, to say that ours is the only […]

Homeshake Plays for the Kids at Union Stage

Saturday night at Union Stage, Homeshake went on a little after 7 p.m. It felt early for a headliner, but I guess Homeshake was playing for the kids. The venue was sold out but it never felt crowded. Children are smaller though. Homeshake is led by Peter Sagar, a grad of the Mac DeMarco touring […]

múm on a Sunday Night

The shot that captured the night was the slow but persistently waving Icelandic flag. Some lone fan leaned against the stage, and waved the flag like the turtle from Robin Hood – that is, gently and unfaltering. múm played for a sparse but appreciative crowd Sunday night at 9:30 Club. The Icelandic collective, best known for tracks […]

John Maus Rocks Out to John Maus at Rock & Roll Hotel

John Maus alternatively headbanged and screamed “All your pets are gonna die” onstage at the Rock & Roll Hotel on Saturday night. Maus brought his experimental and medieval-inflected synth pop to the H Street venue, and though he sings only 70 percent of his own lyrics, Maus rocked out and had the sold-out crowd losing their voices with […]

Carla Bruni Brings French Touch to Birchmere

Even over the phone, Carla Bruni is wonderful. She says she’s doing well, though it’s a very rainy day in London. She speaks in a way that puts you at ease, like a lazy morning. There might be some cloud cover, but you feel a good walk in you yet. For now, you’re still taking […]

Dick Cavett Takes the Cake at The Watergate

Slow Burn begins with a story that you’ve likely never heard, according to show host Leon Neyfakh. A few days after the Watergate break-in in 1972, Martha Mitchell was held as a prisoner for several days by Nixon acolytes for knowing too much. When she did share her story, she was dismissed as deranged, and it […]

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Give Depth to STC’s Hamlet

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern may have famously failed to play upon Hamlet as a pipe, but at Shakespeare Theatre Company, they firmly fingered all my stops. The production is STC’s latest take on Hamlet, at Sidney Harman Hall through March 4, and it is one which I cannot recommend enough. At the theater, I speak with Ryan Spahn and […]

Americans at the National Museum of the American Indian

The main gallery space of “Americans,” a new long-term exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian, has the immersive feel of Nam June Paik’s “Megatron/Matrix” at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art on F Street. Though it isn’t frenetic like Paik’s field of TVs, “Americans” is still mesmerizing, and has the same quality of making […]