Entries by Marcus K. Dowling

Dancing Through the Decades

Last August, I checked in with Panorama Productions owner and longtime DC event promoter Antonis Karagounis about potentially covering a few upcoming events. I’ve been collaborating with Karagounis since the start of my nine-year career as a music and nightlife journalist, covering the likes of Tiësto, David Guetta and more at his Club Glow parties. […]

‘Weird’ DJ zacheser Looks Forward to Year’s End

The 25-year-old Laurel, Md.-based DJ and producer “zacheser” is looking forward to a holiday season where he’s going to “actually get to see his industry friends when they’re not behind the decks.” It’s been a big year for the DJ, born Zach Eser, traveling to Denver for the Cloak and Dagger Music Festival and releasing […]

Spinning Retro with Soul Call Paul

For DC vinyl record and classic rhythm and blues aficionado Soul Call Paul, aka Paul Vivari, the allure of playing the music he does is as much about spinning a classic from Otis Redding or Booker T and the MGs or little known Motown b-side, as it is about just hearing the sound of a […]

Harry Hotter on Freedom, Fatherhood and Funky Beats

“I love being a father of a five-year-old and I love being a DJ, so can I be a father-slash-DJ?” DJ Harry Hotter’s first answer during a recent interview with On Tap should give readers an idea of the good-natured sense of humor held by this long-time DC area-based disc jockey. Born Harry Dixon, he’s […]

DC Mainstay and Thre3style Champion DJ Trayze

It’s entirely possible that if you hit a Washington Nationals baseball game and a DC area nightclub in the same 12-hour period, you’ll hear the sounds of veteran area spinner DJ Trayze at both locations. But Matthew Alexander is recognized far beyond the nation’s capital. The current U.S. champion of Red Bull’s vaunted Thre3style competition […]

In the Mix with DJ Bo

Cameroon is probably the last location you’d think to go searching for one of the Nation’s Capital’s fastest-rising, open-format DJ/producers. However, when it comes to the story of DJ Bo, it’s all about taking a journey to the central African nation in the mid-90s to find a young man who loved to dance and was […]

DJ rAt’s Spin on Latin Dance Music Inspires Cultural Awareness

When she throws parties and gets behind the turntable as DJ rAt, the most important notion that Peruvian-born, DC-based Kristy Chavez-Fernandez considers is “music that tells a story.” “I try to weave together sets that illuminate cultural stories highlighting different backgrounds and experiences that are bound together by [cross-cultural] love and friendship,” she says. In […]

DJ Provoke Brings His Progressive Funk to the DC Dancefloor

For stalwart DC house and disco DJ Patrick Gordy, a journey that started as a way to gain “self-respect” has evolved into a way to create a “positive and sustainable reality” in Washington’s developing, top-tier dance industry. DJ Provoke has discovered a unique tie that binds hip-hop culture, boogie-ready disco tracks, modern soul anthems and […]

DJ Ayes Cold Brings Global Beats to DC’s Dance Scene

When On Tap learned that DJ Ayes Cold’s five years of experience as a DJ in the DC area have been influenced by a lifetime of hearing exciting sounds by forward-thinking musicians worldwide, the cause for her growing appeal became quite obvious. If headed to a festival in the DC area this summer, she’ll likely […]