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Constellation’s Little Shop of Horrors Plays the Hits

Once again, Constellation Theatre Company has demonstrated their mastery of smash hit musicals during the opening of its 2019-20 Season, dubbed Free Your Passion, with the cult classic musical Little Shop of Horrors, directed by Nick Martin.  Drifting very little from the Hollywood blockbuster hit, Martin’s plays the hits, making this intimate production a grand […]

Tony Award Winning Jitney Visits Arena Stage

Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning playwright August Wilson has produced mesmerizing American narratives for decades, ever since his first play Recycle premiered in 1973. The fabrics formed by Wilson intentionally edifies viewers of the similar experiences lived by all Americans but through the purview of African American characters and communities.  Fortunate for DC theatergoers, […]

The White Snake Delivers Tale of Love and Passion

Constellation Theatre Company has a darling new play showing at Source. Written by Mary Zimmerman, The White Snake takes viewers on a voyage driven by love. With the help of Dong Xi, an instrumental duo playing the Chinese dulcimer and percussion, the play commences with heightened anticipation. As the feathery sounds peek, the stage goes […]

Black Pearl Sings! Touches on Harsh, Comical Realities

DC theatergoers have rare access to what playwright Frank Higgins would consider an “authentic doorway into the past.” The Alliance for New Music Theatre has brought Higgins’ Black Pearl Sings! to life at Spooky Action Theater, exploding with songs and narratives that delicately address timely social issues while exposing the harsh, yet comical, realities of […]

Hands On A Hardbody Depicts Struggle For Opportunity

Many catalysts that preclude the American Dream are found in education, employment or on a lottery ticket. In Keegan Theatre’s musical Hands on a Hardbody, 10 Texans vie for a cherry-red Nissan Hardbody, the physical manifestation of the dream and a chance to ascend America’s social and economic ladders. The rural Longview, Texas provides a unique backdrop of this contemporary play […]

Honest Enough: Cautious Clay’s Rise to Stardom

Every so often, a singer rises through the ranks of artistry, swiftly reaching heights of stardom earlier than their peers. Think of artists like Alessia Cara or The Weeknd. Another significant rising artist to watch is Josh Karpeh, also known as Cautious Clay. In the first year of his career, he already has a accumulated a […]