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Finnish Simplicity Reigns at Mikko

Lately, DC’s restaurant scene has been getting high off complicated-looking plates, exotic decor and ingredients we can’t pronounce. Wolfgang Puck called, and he wants his 90s life back. Not to be contrary, but there’s nothing I crave right now more than simple, clean flavors that don’t require a hovering waiter to explain. Enter Mikko, the […]

Cocktail Countdown: DC’s Ultimate Advent Calendar

Advent calendars with chocolates are so yesterday. It’s time to take the calendar off the wall and drink your daily celebration of the season. What follows is admittedly an idiosyncratic Advent calendar crawl – this is not a “best of” or “most trendy” list, and very certainly not a “longest lines” list. This is just […]

The First Rule of Cocktail Club

The first rule of Cocktail Club is: tell everyone about it and make sure they go. The “1 Ounce or 2” Cocktail Club is a new monthly pop-up in Brookland – and will be DC’s best fun-thing-to-do in the coming cold months. On the agenda: a few of DC’s most talented bartenders (Columbia Room, Gibson, Eat the […]

Thanksgiving Meal Makeovers

Thanksgiving – redolent of tradition and green bean casserole. But scrolling through Twitter recently, I halted at a photo cheerfully captioned “holiday ideas.” It was of a squid-stuffed turkey, tentacles bursting from the bird’s cavity and swirled around the roasting pan. Turquid? Squirkey? It was horrifying, it was intriguing and it got me thinking – […]

Fall Cocktails in the City

I know summer is over because DC bars are rolling out their fall menus, which means richer, darker drinks for cooler days. I was thrilled to get observer status at the staff briefing for Bourbon Steak’s new fall cocktails, where charismatic head bartender Torrance Swain has unleashed his creativity to convince us that summer was […]

When Bourbon Is Your Entrée

The leaves are turning and school is starting, which means it’s National Bourbon Heritage Month (obviously). There is no better way to celebrate than by swapping out that overplayed bottle of rosé at dinner for a glass of the gorgeous golden dram. Sounds too disruptive? Only because you are not doing it right. “With wine […]

The DC Dining Scene: 2016’s Top Spots with Staying Power

2016 was another dizzying year for DC’s restaurant scene – summer alone saw 85 new openings and Bon Appétit named Washington its “Restaurant City of the Year.” Burgeoning food trends solidified their hold: ethnic eats (Filipino, Basque and more) continued blossoming into mainstream American dining habits, while hotel bars sustained their transformation from drab transit […]

All Night Eats For Party People

I was a late convert to the joys of 24-hour dining, arriving to the District armed with a blue suit and a youthful commitment to fluorescent lit federal bureaucracy. However, it was through DC’s corrupting influences that I washed up on the doorstep of Honeypig one night at about 3 a.m. The waitresses were cranky, […]