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Anne-Sophie Mutter to Perform at Kennedy Center

Anne-Sophie Mutter is not just a violinist – she’s a musician. She approaches performing in a genuine and holistic way. Her purpose is not to perfect a skill set, but to engage, inspire and give to others. And, after a 40-year career, her work is just beginning. “Classical music is such a gift,” Mutter says. […]

‘The Little Mermaid’ Reimagined at the Kennedy Center

Think Hans Christian Anderson, but infused with contemporary music, an eerie mood and voiceless, in-motion actors. John Neumeier’s The Little Mermaid is a curious combination of these components. Neumeier’s rendition of the classic tale, at the Kennedy Center through Sunday, will leave you heartbroken, fascinated and wanting more. His ballet opens with a bright, cheery […]

Danú to Perform at GMU for St. Patrick’s Day

Exciting. Emotional. Fun. That’s how Benny McCarthy, founding member of the UK-based Irish band Danú, describes the band. The group’s got an authentic and earthly sound, shaped with traditional Irish instruments such as the fiddle, flute, cittern and guitar. Their compositions – some ancient tunes, some newly written – alternate between Irish jigs and quietly […]

Interdisciplinary Inspiration: SHIFT Festival’s Guided Musical Hikes Explore Music and Nature

Boulder-based naturalist David Sutherland’s guided musical hikes aren’t just an experience. They’re an inspiration. The hikes, designed as nature walks set to classical music, are an interdisciplinary event rich in creative possibilities. “When you pair two unrelated things together and find the commonalities, it creates a space to explore new perspectives,” Sutherland says. “Combining music […]

Laura Mvula Evokes Emotion and Vulnerability at Sixth & I

Listening to Laura Mvula is a powerful and intensely personal experience. The British soul singer’s voice is raw with emotion and vulnerability, inspiring listeners to reach inside, question what’s there and embrace what they find. Her performance at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Chinatown last week was no less than moving. I sat in […]