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Summertime is Tiki Time in DC

While I’d strenuously argue that there’s never a bad time for Tiki, summertime is undoubtedly Tiki time in the nation’s capital. Tiki has never been hotter than it is right now, and here’s where you can take part. “It was time for DC to get [a Tiki bar],” says Owen Thomson of Archipelago, which opened […]

Jessica Weinstein Paves the Way for Funky Cocktails

I’m looking through a menu and deciding if I want something with eggplant and garlic, or perhaps ramps and scallions. Maybe something with yogurt? Or something more savory with saffron and bouillabaisse? Only I’m not browsing the seasonal food menu at your favorite tapas joint in town. I’m looking at the latest cocktail concoctions from […]

Get a Proper Caffeine Buzz with 11 Cold Brew Cocktails

People get their buzz going in different ways. For some, it might be a happy hour cocktail after work. For others, it might be a morning or midday caffeine fix. Certainly, there are plenty of us who partake in both – so why not just do it at once? Enter the world of cold brew […]

Better Ways to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

If you think that green beer is the only way to get festive for St. Patrick’s Day, then it’s time to branch out and go in a different direction. The city’s best bars and bartenders are making it easy to do so, with an array of green-hued libations to enjoy, incorporating everything from matcha and […]

Moonshine Rising in the DMV

Moonshine is on the upswing across the area, and whether you know it as “shine,” “white lightning” or “hooch,” there are myriad ways to fill up your mason jar and take  a swig. But wait a minute, isn’t moonshine illegal? Doesn’t it make you go blind? Let’s get down to the hard truth before exploring […]

The DC Bourbon Boom: Five DC Area Bourbon Makers to Know and Love

The District and the surrounding region are in the midst of a bourbon boom. This is, by any measure, fantastic news. The only caveat is that you better be prepared to wait. Even with an influx of new distilleries emphasizing bourbon as a key cog in their future plans, making that beautiful brown water of […]

Honoring the District with Refreshing Rickeys in July

July is Rickey Month in DC, and that’s not just a passing fad – the District’s city council named the gin rickey “the native cocktail” of DC in 2011. And it’s the perfect month to partake in the beverage, which is at its core a refreshing libation that seems designed for passing away the hot, […]

Summer Drinks on the Patio

The month of May dragged on with a record-breaking stretch of gloomy days and dreariness. I thought it was supposed to be April showers, but I digress. The good news is that there’s no stopping summertime once June hits. Scope out some of the District’s finest outdoor hotspots to grab a refreshing drink or two […]