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Chris Farren Brings Bombastic, Dark Pop Songs To Songbyrd

Chris Farren likes playing with people’s expectations, whether it’s at a live show or on social media. He titled his new album, the riotously fun, Born Hot, which features a self-portrait of himself in a topless, 1980s action star “come hither” pose. But listen to the songs on the album like “Search 4 Me” or […]

The Roots Take Center Stage At Kennedy Center

A decade ago, The Roots were already one of the most dynamic and potent bands in the world; then they got the call that made them one of the most popular. If you’ve heard of “The Legendary Roots Crew” from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you probably recognize them as the house band for Late Night and now […]

The Black Keys Adapt Sound for Let’s Rock Tour

When a band like The Black Keys plays The Anthem, it raises the question: Could we see the end of arena shows? And would that be better for rock music? It was a fitting query during their set on October 12, which fell on the second anniversary of the waterfront mega-venue’s opening.  To catch everyone […]

Kayleigh Goldsworthy Talks Touring and Inspirations

When Kayleigh Goldsworthy takes the stage at Pearl Street Warehouse Saturday night, opening for Americana singer-songwriter Austin Plaine, it will be the third time she’s performed in DC this year. In fact, by the end of the month, after opening for punk-turned-Springteenian bandleader Frank Turner at the Warner Theater October 14, she’ll have made four […]

Enter The Adventure Zone with Travis McElroy

On Wednesday night, less than a block from the White House, you may run into hundreds of brightly colored and costumed people dressed as elves, beach dwarves, liches (a kind of undead spellcaster), gnomes and humans who look like lumberjacks. Those folks are dressed up, cosplaying, as their favorite characters from “The Adventure Zone,” a […]

Max Weinberg’s Jukebox Plays the Hits at the Hamilton

If you happened to be walking around 14th and F Street Northwest this past Saturday night, you may have thought there was an earthquake or a storm somehow brewing underground. Rather than a natural disaster, what you heard was Max Weinberg’s stadium-sized drum storm shake the Hamilton Live to the rafters. The Mighty Max has […]

Meet The Exploratory Mercy Union

The first chord explodes like a glitter bomb, igniting a stream of surging guitar, driving drums and anthem-style lyrics that shine like the sun on the Jersey Shore. This is the sound of “Young Dionysians,” the song that kicks off The Quarry, the debut album by New Jersey rock quartet Mercy Union. “Dionysians” trumpets part […]

Kacey Musgraves’ Gentle Revolution

Kacey Musgraves stands before an audience of a few thousand at The Anthem, exuding a calm but taut command of the stage. The Grammy and CMA-winning singer-songwriter guides her band through the final lines of “Golden Hour,” the enveloping, intimate title track of her most recent album. She sings the post-chorus refrain “Yeah, I know […]

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Find A New “Home” Onstage

On “Home,” one of her first songs in a decade, veteran pop star Ashlee Simpson sings,  “this little house that I made for myself, keeps me occupied…keeps me satisfied.” It’s a far cry from the twenty-something vocalist who triumphantly cried, “got stains on my t-shirt and I’m the biggest flirt” on the title track of […]

MC50 Kicks Out Jams For Freedom

For 50 years, “Kick out the jams, motherf–kers” has been one of rock ’n’ roll’s most ecstatic, transcendent rallying cries. When it was first heard blasting out of the streets of Detroit, it went beyond music. MC5, or Motor City 5, the Detroit rock band that helped paved the way for punk, employed it as a […]