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MC50 Kicks Out Jams For Freedom

For 50 years, “Kick out the jams, motherf–kers” has been one of rock ’n’ roll’s most ecstatic, transcendent rallying cries. When it was first heard blasting out of the streets of Detroit, it went beyond music. MC5, or Motor City 5, the Detroit rock band that helped paved the way for punk, employed it as a […]

A Conversation with Henry Rollins

Where do you even begin a conversation with Henry Rollins? You hear about people, especially artists and entertainers, wearing multiple hats; but this guy changes hats on an almost daily basis. He’s a screen and voice actor, a fervent writer, a radio broadcaster, a television show host, a publisher, a “spoken word” performer who sells […]

Black Sabbath’s Final Sermon

“What is that stands before me? Feathered and black / That points at me?” As those words rung out across the grounds of Jiffy Lube Live – and seemingly across all of Northern Virginia – on Sunday night, a chill ran through the air. The damp grass stood straight, the gusts in the trees fell […]

Bob Dylan Captures That Old Feeling at Wolf Trap

How do you keep moving forward? It is a question that plagues every artist, no matter what stage they’re at in their respective careers. If you’re Bob Dylan, the most celebrated songwriter of the rock era and an international icon, the answer is an interesting one. You move backwards, and in Dylan’s case, that involves […]

Tal Wilkenfeld Painting Out Of Her Corner

When rock music moved from the club and the theater into the arena space in the late 60s, the music often made shifts to accompany the spatial adjustments. It isn’t a coincidence that the late 60s and the 70s saw the rise of groups like Yes, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, groups whose music was […]

The Hidden Ace of DC Singer Alison Carney

Alison Carney is a testament to the great talent that can be found in the DC music community, with an expansive performance history rivaling the touring experience of veteran musicians. The songstress has toured in the U.S. and Asia, as well as shared the stage with performers such as Talib Kweli, A Tribe Called Quest, […]

The Transformation of Tal Wilkenfeld

At 29 years old, Australian fusion musician Tal Wilkenfeld has a resume that musicians 40 years her senior would kill for. After releasing her first album, “Transformation” in 2007, her first major outlet as a musician was accompanying keyboard legend Chick Corea on his tour of Australia. She has gone on to play with many […]

The ‘Starlight’ Shines for Muse

The most rock ‘n’ roll part of Muse’s spectacular spectacle of arena rock, performed at the Verizon Center this past Monday, may surprise you. It was not the pounding, driving Bonham-meets-Peart drumming of Dominic Howard; nor the flashy, LED-neck basses of Chris Wolstenholme; nor Matt Belamy’s guitar heroics, strut, or soaring vocals. All of those […]

Kennedy Center Celebrates Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year this month with four days of festivities at the Kennedy Center, from February 5-8. This year’s lineup includes free performances on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, Family Day activities, and a final performance featuring the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. The Kennedy Center has hosted and produced festivities celebrating Chinese culture for 11 years. […]

New Year’s with St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Hundreds of artists play 9:30 Club every year, but how many of them can say that they have attended shows at DC’s landmark music venue? Paul Janeway, the dynamic, show stopping front man and namesake of soul outfit St. Paul & The Broken Bones, has not only attended numerous shows at the 9:30 Club—and played […]