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Vinyl Spinnin’ Strong in DC

DJ (n.) – disc jockey; a person who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on a radio or at a disco. At a disco. A DISCO. Okay, so our present-day definition of DJ may be slightly different than the dictionary’s. The rise of EDM and EDM culture has also given rise to a particular […]

Joe Purdy Brings Protest Song to The Hamilton

In these days when #protestisthenewbrunch in DC, there couldn’t be a better time for folk rock musician Joe Purdy to come to town. An Arkansas native, Purdy has been a significant and often underrated figure on the American folk revival scene for a decade and a half, and has put out a new release almost […]

UrbanStems: Don’t Send Flowers, #SendHappy

It’s pretty objective – flowers have an uncanny ability to make us smile. That’s why it’s often flowers we turn to – to say “Hi” or “Sorry” or “I love you.” But for many of us living in cities, the days are numbered when we visit the local florist to handpick the perfect stems worthy […]

Truth and Dare Variety Show: Ladies, Let Your Freak Flags Fly

Whoever said DC doesn’t know how to get freaky obviously never attended Church Night at Black Cat, any number of cabarets around town or the latest in the District’s sideshow offerings – Truth and Dare. The performance series is the lovechild of Michelle Carnes of the DC Weirdo Show and Tija Mittal of Charming the […]

Band of Horses Gets Real

It’s not always the case that when you sit down to interview a musician you are immediately disarmed. And it’s definitely not always the case that you smile and laugh later when you listen to the transcript, and then again when you read it over while writing the piece. What I mean is, you aren’t […]

D.C. Gon’ Give It To Ya: How We’re Listening Local, Now

The bricks of Blagden Alley glinted under a Hunter’s Moon as pairs and small groups of people – many carrying six packs of beer and cider — began to filter toward the back door of Beyond Studios. They filled back-alley space with a buzz of energy atypical for a Sunday night in the middle of […]

Bumper Jacksons Raising the (Barn) Roof

On a humid evening this past August, a crowd of costumed, bicycle-riding revel makers took to the streets of DC, led on their wheels by a six-piece, traditional, old-time jazz band, instruments in tow (including the upright bass) on makeshift pedicabs. To a tourist, the sight must have been one to behold; but to the […]

A Feast for the Ears: Gourmet Symphony Serves Up Classical Music in a Whole New Way

DC is no stranger to “high art.” Some of the nation’s (and world’s) most renowned collections are housed here. International performers of the highest caliber compete to bill at revered venues, and while museums and theaters make real effort to offer opportunities for the general public to engage (there are probably more ways to enjoy […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Justin Trawick Keeps the Music Playing

“My name is Justin Trawick and I write songs and play them for people.” The first line in Trawick’s Tumblr intro makes the 34-year-old musician’s life sound simple enough. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. Justin Trawick is a working man. Fortunately for him, he gets to make money by making music. But this […]