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Mandy Patinkin in Concert: Diaries

On the eve of his birthday, complete with a surprise birthday cake presented after his encore (with an enlightening reprise of Stephen Sondheim’s “Sunday”), Mandy Patinkin’s performance on November 29 was reflective and introspective, sparse and somber.  At 67, Mandy Patinkin is not slowing down, evident by the 30-city Mandy Patinkin in Concert: Diaries tour […]

Nick Cave Connects Through Conversation at Lincoln Theatre

Dressed in his usual Edwardian undertaker garb, Nick Cave’s speaking tour transcended from an intimate cabaret performance complete with small cafe tables and audience members seated onstage into something more spiritual, a wake for the living, a church tent revival. Open, raw, vulnerable, the recurring themes of religion, loss, despair, “reaching for something more,” and […]