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Explorer Jodi Magness Discusses Discoveries of Ancient Israel

From age 12, Jodi Magness knew she wanted to be an archaeologist, and never looked back. Thursday she’ll discuss one of her many discoveries, a mosaic depicting the first non-Biblical story ever found decorating an ancient synagogue. She’s set to speak about her findings and why they matter at the National Geographic Museum in two sessions […]

Science, Faith, Virtual Reality and Archaeology meet at National Geographic Museum’s The Tomb of Christ

Virtual reality headsets let you explore the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Three dimensional videos take you through the streets of Jerusalem. All of this is an integral part of the National Geographic Museum’s Tomb of Christ exhibit. With rooms recreated after the church, and panels packed with text and pictures, this exhibit teaches a lot. […]

Handbagged: Tea with the Queen and Margaret Thatcher

Have you ever wanted to spend an evening getting to know Margaret Thatcher? Now’s your chance – and there’s two of them. Kate Fahy stars as Margaret Thatcher, and Susan Lynskey also plays the Iron Lady – only a younger, 1980s version who goes by Mags. Do Fahy and Lynskey portray smart, articulate, ambitious characters? Yes, but […]