Down In The Reeds Brings Healing and Hope Through Music

DC’s newest music festival is more than simply a music festival. The word “festival” itself may conjure images of dancing, drinking and reveling with music in the background – and that’s all well and good. But what if there was a way to do this and explore more of why music serves as the backdrop for these joyous connections?

Enter Down in the Reeds, taking place on Saturday, October 19 at The Parks at Walter Reed. You’ll surely hear great music at this inaugural event, but chances are you’ll be deeply moved to explore more of the ways music positively impacts the human condition.

“I have been a huge believer in the healing power of music from my own personal experiences, but I also felt that embracing the topic of healing through music involved too much of a focus on spirituality,” explains Chris Naoum, co-organizer of the festival and founder of DC music initiative Listen Local First. “From speaking to folks, I realized that healing through music is as much spiritual as communal and all experiences are unique to oneself. That understanding really helped push the theme of this festival out into the open.”

Naoum and his partners grouped with Grammy winner Dom Flemons, formerly of Carolina Chocolate Drops and perhaps best known as “The American Songster,” to help bring this powerful concept to fruition. Though Flemons won’t be performing at the festival, he’s serving as co-organizer and using what he calls his American Songster stamp, which places emphasis on the communal connection music has among people from all walks of life.

“Healing was the key thing Chris explained to me as being the goal for the festival, which was something a little bit different than I was used to,” Flemons explains. “Most of the time, music festivals are for a good time, a party, for everyone to just enjoy themselves over the weekend. But with this festival, they’re really trying to make an effort to put out some positive energy and create a positive space that will hopefully reverberate through the community.”

Of course, there will be performers sharing healing with festivalgoers just through their incredible talents. One such musician is Aaron Abernathy, a pianist and soul singer fully engaged in the DC music community. On each of his three studio albums, Abernathy deals with different forms of healing and growth, making the Cleveland native and Howard University graduate a natural fit to join the lineup of Down in the Reeds.

“I really pride myself and my band in bringing good energy and uplifting people through music,” Abernathy says of his slated performance at the festival. “I’m into that vibration – making people want to get up, dance, smile, see our energy and know that our energy will rub off. It’s always good to come back and give back to the community who gave me a start.”

More literal elements of healing are incorporated in Down in the Reed’s programming as well. Naoum and team tapped Artis Moon Amarché, known as the “Boundless Eclectic,” who passionately guides people to be empowered by their own growth and healing through multidisciplinary practices – music included.

“Music is everything,” Amarché says. “It has been part of the fabric of society I’m sure since early human existence. Music has the power to heal people, both on the physical and metaphysical level. I work with music and sound in an intuitive way. My sound baths are sort of like a concert you listen to laying down with your eyes closed, but there is more at work. Deep restoration and transformation take place during these sessions. Part of what I’m providing is a safe, held space for people to be with themselves, sometimes guided in specific reflection and contemplation.”

Amarché will open the main stage of the festival and bless it and the grounds in “a performance that combines music, performance art/movement, energy healing [Reiki], meditative vibes and ceremony.” She’ll also sell handmade art and jewelry alongside daughter Adobe and offer 15-minute Reiki sessions throughout the day.

No matter how participants connect to music as a powerful source of peace and healing, they all add to the tapestry of creativity that will unfold at this new and innovative festival. Each person who elects to come will also bring their own intimate connection to music with them, adding to the festival experience and hopefully deepening their relationship with music in the process.

Don’t miss Down in the Reeds on Saturday, October 19 from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the Parks at Walter Reed, located at 1010 Butternut St. NW, DC. While admission is free, a donation of $10 is suggested to ensure all participants are compensated and the festival can continue its mission in the future. For the full lineup and more information, visit

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