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Morris American Bar Debuts New Fix Bar

On May 14, Fix Bar made its debut as a summer patio addition to Morris American Bar.

A friend and I went by to sample the new cocktails and drinks offered at their outdoor patio preview, but the stormy weather moved the proceedings into the main bar. We arrived before the downpour really started, so we got to see what the setup was meant to look like, but we didn’t spend much time outdoors appreciating it before the storm picked up.

Although the weather discouraged people from bringing their pups, the outdoor patio of the bar is dog-friendly. There was a very casual atmosphere about it, with lots of potted plants and chic metal seating sectioned off on the sidewalk immediately outside the building.

Despite the pouring rain, the bartender, James, was a ray of sunshine. He made us our drinks and gave us a rundown on the drinks chosen to be sampled for the patio bar preview.

According to the website, a “fix” drink is similar to a boozy snow cone. I found that to be true of their drink choices that evening, which had lots of crushed ice and delicious blended cocktails with basis of fruity flavor.

Some of the drinks available to sample at the opening preview were the Maloney Swizzle, which featured rum, mint, and Peychaud’s and tasted like a smokier version of a mojito, with a lot more depth. There also was a Bramble that featured gin, lemon, and blackberry. They also offer a Bourbon Honey fix  with a hint of lemon, a Yankee Julep with rye and mint, and a Sheppard Cocktail made with apple brandy, and Crème de Menthe.

Fix Bar also features crushed ice tiki drinks, local beers, vinho verde and canned rosé . Just a block away from the Mount Vernon Metro station, it’s an easily accessible and fun summer drinking destination whether you’re hopping of the Metro after work or strolling the streets with your pup.

Fix Bar at Morris: 1020 7th St. NW DC; 202-962-0400;


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