Photo: Trent Johnson

Superorganism Gives Something For Your Mind at SXSW

Under shining lights of blue, pink and yellow, Superorganism took center stage at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q for the NPR Music Showcase at SXSW on Wednesday, March 14. Later in the night, established veterans of the music industry grizzled with beards and years of experience would follow them, but this group carried a refreshing newness normally reserved for smaller shows buried in the basements of tinier venues.

On the heels of their self-titled debut album, the group performed a blend of indie-pop with infused psycho-pop sounds. The mantras of “Everybody Wants to Be Famous,” “Nobody Cares” and “It’s All Good” spoke to the hipster set at Austin, because for them, nonchalant-ness is a brand – like the swoop on their Nikes.

In a contrast of styles, most of the band danced to their tunes, moving and gyrating all over the stage. But lead vocalist Orono Noguchi remained calm. Instead of projecting through body movement, she channeled every emotion for each track exclusively through her voice, not wasting an ounce of energy on anything else.

Toward the end of the performance, Noguchi, dressed in an understated grey sweatshirt, belted randomly to the crowd, “It’s so cool that people in the back can see me, because I’m short as fuck.”

It’s true – whether you were nestled at the front of the stage or way back toward the rear of the venue tearing away at brisket wraps, seeing Superorganism was certainly a memorable experience for the M.I.N.D.

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