Photo: Trent Johnson

DC’s Rico Nasty Finds Fans in Austin

I don’t know if the guy standing next to me at Rico Nasty‘s set during the SoundCloud showcase at SXSW on Tuesday night was from DC, but I would say that he probably was not. Despite this likelihood (which admittedly is just a hunch), the guy knew nearly every word to every song, sometimes offering as much fervor as the artist herself. He was jumping and shouting behind me, and all the hype surrounding Rico Nasty was personified for me way out in Austin, Texas.

A big name back in the District, Rico Nasty is beginning to generate serious national buzz, getting mentions in outlets like The Fader and others – and for good reason. She has a unique aesthetic, illuminated by her eclectic wardrobe choices for her set. The outfit included, to borrow an observation from someone we hung out with in the press tent, a Lisa Simpson-esque hairdo with biker pants that had so many buckles and straps it would make Tommy Wiseau jealous.

Her music was just as aggressive, allowing music fans a chance to chant and release some of the stress that can accompany the SXSW process of being overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of people and activities. Multiple concertgoers knew the hooks to her songs, and it wasn’t unusual for them to shout them out with clenched fists while bobbing up and down.

Nasty’s stage presence was also a revelation, as the rapper displayed an ability to simply get down to her own music as she dipped and jaunted across the stage, all while knowing when to get serious and when to grin at the crowd. Toward the end, it was clear that she was having as much fun as her adoring fans, who all hunched up toward the front in hopes of high fives. I hope the guy who knew all the words got one – he deserved it.

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