Photo: Trent Johnson

Bat Fangs Sink Teeth into SXSW

The world works in interesting ways. For our April issue, we were planning to interview Bat Fangs – a duo made up of Laura King and Ex Hex‘s Betsy Wright – for a profile in advance of their April 26 show at the Luce Foundation Center for American Art. And since we all happened to be at SXSW this week, we were able to pull the pair aside for a few minutes to talk about their new project before their set at the Don Giovanni Records showcase on March 13. Because we’re teases over here, we’re going to make you wait a little for the majority of the interview. However, we did talk to them about their time so far in Austin.

On Tap: Have you played SXSW before? What has the experience been like this year? Has anything changed?
Betsy Wright: One thing is we’re staying at an Airbnb that’s like 25 minutes outside of town, and actually, it’s kind of awesome.
Laura King: Maybe 10 years ago that would have sucked, but now…[laughs]
BW: It’s so quiet, and I don’t really feel like going to a bunch of shows or anything, so we just slept really late [today], hung out and made breakfast. I had time to mess around with my guitar. It was awesome.

OT: What’s the goal with these shorter sets? 
BW: Well we don’t get to use our own gear. So it is a free-for-all. You get up there and hope for the best. [You] try to have fun, and try not to overthink stuff like, “Oh, my guitar doesn’t sound right.”
LK: You have to be in the moment, and just do your best.
BW: Just go for it.

OT: With that being said, is it still enjoyable to be a part of this larger mechanism as a whole? 
BW: It’s cool being at [the Don Giovanni Records] showcase because it’s fun to get to know everyone and see other bands.

OT: What’s the most stressful part of playing in this setting? Is it just the speed and urgency, or something else?
BW: Just the turnover. I’m going to have to carry my amp through this sea of people.
LK: You guys should stick around and buffer us [laughs].

OT: Yeah, like some sort of knockoff security. What are the groups you’re looking forward to seeing, if any?
LK: I haven’t really looked at the schedule.
BW: I’m excited to see Flasher, but they’re from DC, so I see them all the time.

OT: Do you guys think you have the coolest logo here? You have to be up there, right?
LK: I think we do.
BW: I drew it! It’s hand-drawn – I used a ruler.

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