Photo: Courtesy of Bold Rock's Facebook page

Bold Rock Releases New Rosé Cider

Good news, folks. We made it through five Mondays in what felt like the longest January known to man. The bad news? We still have to make it through February and March. It may be too cold to dig your spring coat out, but you can pretend warm weather is on the way by kicking back with Bold Rock’s new seasonal rosé cider.

The Nellysford, Virginia-based cidery’s newest seasonal cider is a sweet, refreshing drink in a vibrant shade of pink that made it seem like May for a brief moment as I sipped it. As both a beer and wine drinker, I found the rosé cider to be a unique combination of both. Bold Rock brings the best of both worlds by amplifying their apple-based cider with a fresh wine finish.

While the cider still had Bold Rock’s classic light and crisp quality, its flavors were enhanced with hints of berry – like you would find in a traditional rosé – to bring a fruity quality to the mix. Those who identify as only wine or beer drinkers can find a happy medium in the rosé cider, which easily passes as a fizzy wine or a sweet, fruity beer.

Whatever your drink preference, the rosé cider is worth a taste – and it will definitely make you feel like you’re sitting in the sun alongside friends at a picnic or barbecue, and not 40-degree weather in February. Learn more about Bold Rock’s rosé cider here.


Natalia Kolenko

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