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Denizens Brewing Co. Highlights Forgotten Causes A Year After Trump’s Inauguration

Denizens Brewing Co. has one message for the Trump administration: we’re still here.

Denizens General Manager Stephanie Nale says she saw many people come together and congregate at the brewery when Donald Trump was inaugurated, marking a time that saw great division among different groups. To reignite that unity, the brewery wanted to host a celebration and gather people together again, but also to celebrate the causes that Denizens feels the Trump administration has ignored – whether that be women, immigrants or climate change, to name a few.

To remind the administration that these groups and their supports are not going anywhere, Denizens will be hosting the four-day event “We’re Still Here.” From Thursday, January 18 through Sunday, January 21, the brewery will put a spotlight on a different organization each day with a focus on DMV chapters, and donate 10 percent of that day’s profit to that organization.

Thursday’s featured organization will be Ayuda, a DMV-based, immigration-focused organization; Friday will be Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington; Saturday will be ACLU, an organization that protects and defends rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution; and Sunday will be the Climate Reality Project.

“These organizations [are] some we’ve supported before, and some of them we are just continuously standing behind and we want to give them a chance to shine within our own community,” Nale says.

Each day of the event will have information about the cause-of-the-day spread throughout the taproom, whether it’s people from that organization talking to patrons or literature available to read. In addition, Denizens will be releasing a new beer in celebration of the weekend.

Denizens prides itself on being a place where everybody is welcome, and Nale says she hopes this event will unite people together again, as they were a year ago, and spark healthy conversations where people can feel free to voice their thoughts.

“We do definitely have our own opinions” Nale says. “We don’t force [them] upon anybody; we really try to make that clear. But we’re also not going to be afraid to say, ‘Hey, these are the things we do believe in.’ So just come and join us, and hopefully we can start a conversation.”

Visit Denizens Brewing Co. from January 18-21 to take part in their “We’re Still Here” event. Entry is free.

Denizens Brewing Co.: 1115 East-West Hwy. Silver Spring, MD; 301-557-9818;


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