Photo: Dakota Fine

FotoWeek DC 2017

From November 11-19, DC will play host to the 10th annual FotoWeek by Foto DC, an expansive festival focused on the medium of photography. Whether you’re a journalism nerd interested in award-winning news shots or an art geek who enjoys deciphering what images represent about society, this weeklong series of events provides numerous opportunities to enjoy and learn about breathtaking visuals. In preparation for the week, we spoke to festival executive producer and programming coordinator, Svetlana Legetic.

On Tap: Why do you think it’s important for an entire week of programming and events to be dedicated solely to the medium of photography?
Svetlana Legetic: Photography is the most accessible of art forms and the one that connects to everyday life the most. At the same time, in 2017, photography is an amazing storytelling tool allowing more people to connect to current topics and issues than ever before. DC has a thriving working and amateur photographer community, and transforming the city into a photography playground is a great way to celebrate that.

OT: What do you expect people to take out of these exhibitions, galleries and talks, whether they be photographers or just people who are fans of impactful visuals?
SL: The festival is supposed to provide something for everyone, whether people are more interested in photojournalism, fine art or say, social photography. We have programs targeted specifically at photographers themselves (workshops, portfolio reviews, etc.), but the main goal is for the community to engage with the artists and their work, and get more insight into the stories covered.

OT: Do people have to know a ton about photography to get the full experience?
SL: Not at all. You really just need to be interested in beauty, storytelling and the human/world condition, and you can enjoy it.

OT: What is an event you’re looking forward to most?
SL: Obviously, everyone should come to the opening party. I also love the nighttime projections every year at the Holocaust Museum – such powerful work – and our FotoTalks at FotoWeekCentral. And Arthur Jafa at Hirshhorn. There’s so much to choose from. Personally, the weekends are my favorite. [They’re] a great opportunity to hop around exhibitions and events and make a day out of it, plus most events are free and open to the public.

OT: How many local photographers will be showcased?
SL: Dozens of local photographers are showcased, from the FotoWeekDC competition winners to Women Photojournalists and White House Photographers’ annual shows to our FotoTalks and group shows by IGDC and more.

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