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Festival Fashion Tips For Staying Cool & Stylish

The time has come. I’ve finally packed those heavy coats and scarves away and exchanged them for lighter, warm weather pieces. While spring brings changes to my wardrobe, it means summer festival season is on the horizon, combining a few of my favorite things: music, great weather and of course, fashion.

When getting ready for a summer festival, there is one very important question involved: What to wear? Most of us probably envision crochet tops, fringe and cut-off hems. Although festival fashion often saturates our social media worlds throughout the warmer months with similar images, you’re not limited to the stereotypical festival outfit.

For starters, if there is one thing that you can predict about going to a festival in the middle of the summer in the DC area, it’s that it will inevitably be hot. This can be challenging for a number of reasons. Wearing something that is both stylish and temperature appropriate is not always an easy task. So here are my tips and tricks for staying cool when planning for your favorite summer festivals.

Whenever I need to put together a warm weather outfit, my first choice is always a dress. I can’t recall a time that wearing tight-fitting pants or shorts was comfortable in the heat of summer. Sweaty skin combined with thick, constrictive material is never a fun combination. Loose-fitting, lightweight dresses are the perfect solution to this problem.

One of my favorite destinations for this particular item of clothing is Free People. They have endless amounts of options similar to the one pictured here that are all perfectly festival appropriate. I love the bright color of this dress and how it makes a statement all on its own. This makes it easy to style because you don’t have to think too hard when it comes to choosing accessories or makeup. For a look like this, I like to stay simple with a cute pair of neutral earrings and a solid hat.

The other elements to consider are hair and makeup. How can you put together a look that will keep you cool but also rocking your festival style? There are a few unspoken rules that I like to abide by for an occasion like this.

1) Hats are always a good option. This is true for a couple of reasons. First, whenever you can have a little extra shade and protect your skin from the hot summer sun, why wouldn’t you? We all know what sweaty, messy hair can look like at the end of a hot summer day. Trust me, hats can cover a multitude of sins. Also, there’s nothing cuter than a fedora to top off the perfect festival look. Use this to your full advantage. 2) If you aren’t going to throw on a hat, then pulling back your hair is your second-best option. Headbands and flower crowns are your best friends! There are so many adorable options like the simple white one pictured that are perfect for festival wear.

I hope my tips have inspired your next summer festival look. Happy festival season!

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