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Ripple Launches New Prosciutto di Parma Menu

Cleveland Park restaurant gem Ripple celebrated the launch of their new prosciutto di parma menu yesterday with a tasting of Executive Chef Ryan Ratino’s innovative new spring dishes, featuring a world-famous ham.

The menu, available through the end of May, uses only prosciutto di parma; one of the few hams awarded the elite Protected Designation of Origin status from the European Union, which certifies that European foods are produced using traditional methods in a specific geographic region.

Patrons at the tasting wet their palates with glasses of 2016 J. Mourat Rosé, perfect for the summer-like temperatures, and sampled hand-sliced 24-month and 18-month prosciutto, courtesy of Chef Salvatore Fraterrigo of NORMA Gastronomia Siciliana in New York City, who cohosted the event with Ratino.

Guests began by sampling prosciutto di parma reduced into a savory mignonette, served atop cranberry creek oysters – a dish I could easily see becoming one of my favorites, paired perfectly with the cold glass of dry rosé.

Next up was a burrata salad with citrus marmalade, prosciutto di parma and allium pesto. The dish combined blood oranges with the creamy burrata, a combination that really worked beautifully with flavor of the prosciutto.

Folks then dined on prosciutto di parma croquettes with espuma of brandade – made using halibut – and confit garlic. The croquettes were perfectly crispy and the flavor inside was heavenly, with everyone’s plate wiped clean.

Next, we sampled the carbonara di parma, with homemade ramps pasta, coddled egg, parmesan and sliced black truffle. This decadent dish was by far the favorite of the night, and highly recommended.

And for the ultimate sweet but salty finish, guests were served a dish of fresh sliced green plums, crusted pistachio and 18-month prosciutto, with maple vanilla ice cream, a prosciutto marmalade and shaved white chocolate.

All the items on the prosciutto di parma menu are available in Ripple’s Bar Room each evening beginning at 5 p.m. and range from $10-$14.

Ripple: 3417 Connecticut Ave NW, DC; 202-244-7995;

Burrata Salad

Burrata salad

An 18-month prosciutto, with maple vanilla ice-cream, was served for dessert.

An 18-month prosciutto with maple vanilla ice cream was served for dessert.

Fraterrigo slicing the Prosciutto

Fraterrigo slicing the prosciutto

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