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Red’s Table in Reston: Beyond the Average Menu

Red’s Table in Reston has been on my food radar for a little while now after seeing it listed in Northern Virginia Magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2016. I decided to swing by the rustic-meets-contemporary restaurant last week to see what the buzz was all about.

A sophisticated wooden bar placed in the middle of the dining room first caught my eye, followed by the tables designed for a more intimate dinner set along the windows that overlook Lake Thoreau. There’s a warmth to Red’s, made more appealing by the modern décor.

Red’s offers an affordable rotating beer and cocktail of the day; I went with the latter, a jacked cider (hot cider and spiced rum with a cinnamon sugar rim), giving off major winter vibes. Another drink I couldn’t resist was Red’s red sangria. Chunks of brandy-infused apples floated in a deep red concoction, including red wine, triple sec and peach schnapps, along with some winter spices. I closed my eyes and pictured myself curled up by the fire at a cabin getaway.

The food menu was just as rewarding, with fresh and savory appetizers like the cheese fonduta and a half-pound of tender, spiced jumbo shrimp. The bread that came with the fonduta was insanely tasty and sweet-smelling; perfectly fried and housemade. And the dip itself had a hint of New Orleans to it, with chicken sausage cooked into the cheese. The Old Bay-marinated shrimp were cooked and seasoned to perfection, bursting with that fresh sea-caught flavor that you can only find on the Eastern Shore.

For dinner, the salmon seemed like the obvious choice, laying in a bed of pureed rutabaga and topped with kimchi and watercress. The puree was buttery and sweet, while the lightly seared salmon had an amazing tenderness that gave the fish a delectable melt-in-your-mouth texture. Another dish, the pumpernickel pappardelle, was one of the more unique entrees. Served at room temperature in a butternut cream sauce, the creativeness of this entree makes it worth trying.

I couldn’t resist the fudgy chocolate cheesecake and caramel corn sundae for dessert. While both were delightful, the sundae had to be the winner if there was any kind of contest. The sundae was unique and fresh, and it took me back to delicious flavors of a county fair. The caramel and buttered popcorn ice cream stacked high above the housemade funnel cake to create an unbeatable caramel-drizzled dessert that should go down in history. I wish everything in life could end as sweetly as that uniquely flavored dessert.

Red’s Table is partnering with O’Connor Brewing Company on March 15 for a St. Patrick’s Day beer dinner for $65 per person, and celebrating March Madness at the bar with happy hour specials from 3:30-7 p.m. starting on March 14 through April 3.

Red’s Table: 11150 South Lakes Dr. Reston, VA; 571-375-7755;

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