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Photo: Trent Johnson

What’s On Tap

Greetings, beer nerds! As you likely know, there are a number of wonderful establishments in the DMV where you can grab a pint, and their menus are always evolving and adapting to your tastes. If you’d rather avoid the guessing game, check out some of what’s coming up On Tap at these beer hot spots.

Red Derby
Beverage Manager Nick Schiever

On Tap: What new beers are you guys carrying in February?
Nick Schiever: A couple of new things that we’ll be bringing on are ANXO Cidery cans and Republic Restoratives Borough Bourbon, and we’ll be pairing that with Atlas Brew Works District Common Beer.

OT: What’s exciting about them?
NS: They’re both local, and we’re supporting local businesses. A lot of people want it, and it’s a trend that I’m seeing. I think a lot of other places are keeping it local as well.

Red Derby: 3718 14th St. NW, DC;

General Manager Kevin Ramsey

On Tap: What new things do you have coming up in February?
Kevin Ramsey: Probably the thing we’re most excited about is the Melvin 2×4 on February 4. Melvin Brewing Company is from Wyoming, and this is a double IPA from them. It’s won a number of awards, including the Alpha King championship, and it’s citrusy and hazy.

OT: What about this is exciting?
KR: For the event, Melvin is encouraging bars around the country to make it ninja/Wu-Tang Clan style.

ChurchKey: 1337 14th St. NW, DC;

Jack Rose Dining Saloon
Beer Director Nahem Simon

On Tap: What new beers are you guys carrying in February?
Nahem Simon: I’m excited to get the Off Color Dino S’mores. It’s one of those rare beers that isn’t produced in massive quantities, and it’s incredibly tasty and sought after. It’s the perfect beer for chilly February days.

OT: Any brews you’re bringing back from last year?
NS: We are going to carry a special batch of Space Reaper 2.0 from DC Brau, where they aged it in one of our cask barrels. It ended up amazingly. They’re almost done with the final carving of the keg, and it’s really fantastic. It takes all of the elements of the beer, but it kind of imparts this deep, dark wood character. It’s almost as if sequoia had a flavor. One of the beers that I’m really enjoying right now is the Van Steenberge Gulden Draak Nitro Ale.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon: 2007 18th St. NW, DC;

General Manager Sam Buis

On Tap: How do you guys select beers?
Sam Buis: I definitely try to acquire the more unique, interesting beers that I think people will really enjoy. I come from 10 years of working in craft beer bars. I’m fully aware of what good beer is, and what beer nerds like, so I try to achieve what they want. We’re all cans here, so that limits our ability to get certain beers, but it also helps us get others that aren’t as common.

OT: How often do you reach out to distributors to get new stuff in?
SB: Constantly. I only get a few cases of any beer I choose, so I’m always on the lookout for new beers. I’m always pestering my reps to find new things, and they put their weight on breweries to find out what they have in cans. If enough people request a can of a certain beer, they’ll make it.

OT: What are some beers you’re looking forward to carrying in February?
SB: Union Rye Baby IPA because Union always makes great beers, and this one has a great peppery resin quality with a super smooth mouth feel. Another is Evil Twin Mission Gose – it’s salty, sour and funky. Always happy to see good sours in cans, and so will my regulars. And last is Old Ox Black Ox Porter. I love me some dark beer, doesn’t matter what time of year, but it’s even better when it’s a cold day in February. Plus, it has great malty, roasty flavors balanced with some rye to give it a crisp finish.

Kingfisher: 1414 14th St. NW, DC;

Smoke & Barrel
Beverage Director Jace Gonnerman

On Tap: What new beers do you have coming up in February?
Jace Gonnerman: We will have year two of our Triple IPA with Ocelot Brewing Co. called Talking Backward. It’s a collaboration with our three restaurants, and it’s an 11 percent IPA with citrus and mosaic hops. On February 7 at Meridian Pint, we’ll be hosting Firestone Walker, and it’ll be a bunch of rare beers that they have. We’re also revamping our cocktail and liquor list, which will be inspired by Frank Mills. He’s made a big name [for himself] in the city. That will be released on February 6.

Smoke & Barrel: 2471 18th St. NW, DC;