Spider-Man Visits Washington Monument in ‘Homecoming’

Yo, looks like Donald Trump isn’t the only one making his DC debut next year.

Who’s the other you might be asking? Well, it appears New York’s friendly Spider-Man will make a cameo in the nation’s capital as he does battle with The Vulture in Sony and Marvel Studios’ film Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the 2017 film’s debut trailer, it’s clear the famed webslinger takes a crawl up the Washington Monument, which is notable because the tourist attraction is closed until 2019. The building had already been boarded up for upgrades, but recently WAMU reported $2-$3 million repairs are going to take more time before completion.

So while us residents, and visiting tourists, must wait patiently to experience the enhanced monument, Spider-Man, like many other celebrities, pulled some strings (webs?) in order to take his own self-guided scrabble on the attraction. However, his presence atop the building doesn’t appear to be welcomed. A helicopter, carrying what can only be secret service and police, tries to shoot down the young superhero as if he’s a giant radioactive monster grasping a blonde woman.

Regardless, we’re happy Spider-Man thought of the area as a potential battlefield. Hopefully he’ll check out the other monuments while he’s here on his business trip– we suggest a crawl on the Lincoln or a swing over the White House.

Check out the full trailer below: