Photos: Courtesy of Honor Brewing

The Bierdo Celebrates Independence with Honor Brewing

Happy Fourth of July, Bierdos! To honor our Independence Day and all of the great men and women of our fine military that preserve our independence every day, I headed to the best vet-owned bar I know – Dupont Circle’s Rebellion – to try and start the fireworks early. At Rebellion, I tasted some veteran-brewed and extremely drinkable craft beer that I’ve heard praise about in the beer trenches from Honor Brewing in Chantilly, Va.

The brewery is currently still under construction, but Honor beers are available around town for mass consumption (check for details). And of course, Rebellion had all three current beers “on duty” for me to inspect – and let me tell you, Bierdos, I inspected every last single freaking drop!

So raise your glass to honor, my friends! Founded by brewers, patriots and the families of service members who paid the ultimate price, Honor Brewing not only respects and celebrates our military through countless weekly charitable events and fundraisers (and each beer and boot-adorned label is a tribute in and of itself), but it also crafts one helluva beer.

Don’t believe me? I encourage you to strap on your drinking boots and pick up a pint. I have yet to find a local beer that is as drinkable and approachable for everyone as it is well-crafted. I salute you, Honor Brewing team, for striving to create such a drinkable salute to our soldiers!

  • Honor Golden Ale, 4.9 percent: There’s something very drinkable about this blonde golden ale. It’s almost as thirst-quenching as a pilsner or your typical carbonated light beer, but not. Prepare to drink something entirely more flavorful, yet very well-balanced and palatable. You’ll notice the pilsner/white wheat malts and hops right away, but you won’t make the old man hop face, as it delivers something dry, earthy and herbal with some residual hop bitterness. I was very surprised with this well-crafted, smooth and refreshing beer. Rating: Golden nectar of the beer gods!
  • Honor Warrior IPA, 6.2 percent: If you liked the golden ale, but craved a little more hops, you will not be disappointed by their IPA. More piney and again earthy than the typical citrus-forward and heavy IPAs that I always love, Honor Brewing flipped the switch and went in another direction, which I applaud them for. I detected caramel malts and a certain honey sweetness here followed by some residual hop bitterness. Again, a “smooth,” almost “criminal,” IPA. Rating: Annie, are you okay? Are you okay, Annie? You’ve been hit by…one smooth IPA.
  • Honor Gold Star Cherry Wheat, 5.5 percent: The Cherry Wheat is a Belgian-style American wheat beer that’s perfectly proportioned. The cherry is on the tail end, and not overpowering like every other cherry beer I’ve had in my life. It’s very light and refreshing, with the “essence” of cherry. Thanks somebody for finally getting it right. A “flavorful fruit beer” doesn’t have to be like a heavy dessert. It can be a beer with a twist. Here’s living…beer proof. Rating: A little old school, a little new school, a little bit awesome. She’s my cherry pie…cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise!

Honor Brewing: 14151 Newbrook Dr. #200, Chantilly, VA; 866-920-9463;

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Photos: Courtesy of Honor Brewing