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Businesswoman with suitcase in airport

A Guide to Airport Style and How to Nail the Look

If you’ve spent much time in an airport, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people look like they just got out of bed. While comfortable clothing can help make a long flight more bearable, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. Stylish clothes CAN be comfortable and you can look chic on your next flight. Here’s how!

Avoid “Comfy” Pitfalls
The first rule to looking stylish and put-together is to avoid wearing certain “comfort” clothes from the get-go, like pajamas bottoms, workout clothes, and track suits. If it’s something you would sleep in or exercise in, you’ll have a hard time looking chic, so don’t wear it to the airport.

Elastic Waistbands Are Your Friend
Pants with elastic waistbands provide hours of comfort on cramped airplane seats and during long layovers, but before you reach for the sweatpants, yoga pants, or pajama bottoms, consider something more on trend. Look for styles with elastic waistbands or drawstrings, like these joggers, or these loose fit jersey pants from H&M. If you’d prefer to wear jeans, shop for styles made with a blend of spandex or Lycra as these materials help denim stretch, making jeans more comfortable. Leggings are another great choice for airplane travel as they can provide both warmth and comfort. Although there’s a bit of a debate about whether or not leggings count as pants, they absolutely do as long as you get a quality pair, and pair them with the right top and accessories. Or, avoid the whole “are leggings pants” question and opt for a long jersey knit dress.

Find a Top to Compliment Your Outfit
When it comes to comfort, finding the right top is just as important as finding the right pair of pants. Loose fitting tops look great with many different types of bottoms and are super comfortable and breathable. Stick to neutral colors and soft fabrics and look for tops with small details, like this short sleeve drapey tee with contrasting stitching. Try pairing an oversized blouse with leggings or tuck a cute tank top into your joggers. Once you have your top and bottoms figured out, it’s time to take your outfit to the next level with layers and accessories.

Layer for Style and Convenience
Layering when you travel is not only a great way to look flawless, it’s also practical when it comes to dealing with limited luggage space. Wearing layers also makes it easy to keep warm or cool down when traveling, just add a layer or peel one off. Wear a cute jacket, like a sleek leather jacket or an olive green bomber jacket, to instantly upgrade your ensemble. An oversized sweater also makes a great addition to a chic travel outfit and would look especially cute with a pair of tights. Plus, an oversized sweater can double as a blanket while you’re on the plane.

Make Your Accessories Work for You
Accessories are an essential component to looking chic and “next level.” Would Beyoncé go out without accessorizing? No. And neither should you. Instead of thinking about your accessories as simply fashion pieces, choose items that work for you or that you can pair with other outfits in your luggage, like the Bolt leather bracelet. The Bolt is more than just a fashionable braided leather and gold bracelet, it’s also doubles as an iPhone charger so you won’t run out of power throughout your flight. Eyeglasses are another great accessory. If you’re a contact lens wearer and don’t want to deal with dry eyes during travel, opt for a stylish pair of wide-framed eyeglasses to add a chic statement piece to your outfit. Try adding a scarf to compliment your stylish outfit. Scarves look great and you can always take yours off and roll it up to use as a head rest. Don’t forget that an eye-catching backpack or crossbody bag also make great accessories and can be used for your carry-on luggage.

If the Shoe Fits, it Better Be Comfortable
Although you’ll be sitting most of the time on a plane, it’s still important to pick a pair of comfortable shoes. Slip on shoes are a great choice for air travel as they’re easy to get on and off at security or take off while you’re trying to relax in flight. Ballet flats are a great go-to but they’re only the tip of the “cute-shoe-iceburg.” There’s also d’orsay flats (even the name sounds chic) which have a cutout between a pointed toe and the heel, making them both breathable and fashionable. Boat shoes, classic slip-on sneakers and oxfords are also great choices for looking good while traveling.

If all else fails, you can always bring a change of clothes to step out of the airport looking on point. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to look good at your final destination without being in misery along the way. Comfort is key on a long flight, but looking chic is essential. With these tips you’ll look so chic no one will know just how comfortable you actually are!