dogs of on tap

Dogs of On Tap

Dogs of On Tap

On Tap is a dog-friendly office, and we’re super proud of our eclectic group of adorable pups! Without further ado, please meet the one and only dogs of On Tap.

BLUE (left)
Age: Four-and-a-half
Breed: Australian shepherd mix (a.k.a. mutt)
Owner: Theresa
Best personality trait: Loves other dogs and wants to be everyone’s best friend
Favorite activity: Riding in the back of the Jeep with his head sticking out the window
Ideal day: Going to the dog park and then sitting outside somewhere where he can lay down, relax and people-watch
Local hangout: Cantina Marina
Famous at On Tap for: Napping on the cold kitchen floor or laying on the couch with Alanna

IRIS (top right)
Age: Two-and-a-half
Breed: Boston terrier
Owner: Monica
Best personality trait: Quirky, incredibly sweet and always game for singing duets with her dad
Favorite activity:
Fetching the tennis ball, hands-down
Ideal day:
Morning cuddle session followed by a day filled with tennis balls and playing with friends
Local hangout:
Shirlington Dog Park or her grandparents’ sweet pad in Marshall, Va.
Famous at On Tap for:
Playing with her buddies Blue and Latte, and begging everyone to throw her the tennis ball

LATTE (bottom center)
Age:  Six months
Breed: Peewee puggle
Owner: Adrianne
Best personality trait: Her endearing optimism
Favorite activity: Giving kisses and snuggling up
Ideal day: Tons of activity, lots of cuddle time and plenty of treats
Local hangout: Yards Park
Famous at On Tap for: Playing with the other doggies

OLIVIA (bottom left)
Age: 4
Breed: Australian shepherd
Owner: Jenn
Best personality trait: Super snuggly and energetic
Favorite activity: Going to Great Meadow and running free
Ideal day: Waking Jenn up with many kisses and talking, going to the barn to see the horses, then hopping in the truck and going somewhere fun for a walk
Local hangout: Cantina Marina and Yards Park
Famous at On Tap for: Not being quite ready for the office

OLLIE (top center)
Age: 15 months
Breed: French bulldog/chihuahua mix
Owner: Nick C.
Best personality trait: Extremely friendly and loving
Favorite activity: Wrestling with Dad
Ideal day: Visiting his grandparents and running free in their large backyard with his favorite ball
Local hangout: Enjoying a taste from back home on the dog-friendly patio at Agua 301
Famous at On Tap for: Horseplay with the others