Beer & Yoga
Photo: Leah Cheston

Revive Your Chakras with Beer & Yoga

Late on a Sunday morning, a gathering of yoga enthusiasts sit with legs crossed and stretch their arms up, breathing deeply, the scent of hops and brewer’s yeast filling their lungs. That’s right. It’s time for Beer & Yoga at Right Proper Brewing Company in Northeast DC. Three times per week, the neighborhood spot opens up its immaculate brewing room, gleaming with stainless steel tanks, for an hour of gentle yoga followed by a pint of craft beer in its comfy, quirky tasting room.

“We have a huge, open space,” says Right Proper’s General Manager, Elizabeth Schnettler. “This is our fourth yoga event since we opened in December, and we’re usually full.”

Beth A. Wolfe, a certified yoga instructor who leads classes in breweries around town, including at Right Proper, says it’s a fun fit to have a yoga class in a non-traditional space. Wolfe caught on to the hot new trend early.

“The same people who are into yoga are also often into craft beer,” she says.

Beer & Yoga participant Laura Spencer had never tried yoga before.

“But Beth immediately made me feel really comfortable,” she says while sipping a fresh-brewed cold one at Right Proper.

Socially, it’s a great bet. After a relaxing class geared toward all levels of yoga ability, attendees easily meet to linger over their beers. Wolfe says even the guys like it: “Their girlfriends and wives want them to try yoga, but the beer is the thing that brings them here.”

“Yoga is for the willing,” she says. “It doesn’t matter how strong you are or if you’re flexible. In yoga, you’ll fall eight times, but you’ll get up nine.”
After all that hard work, you’ll deserve a toast to your efforts. Starting this month, Beer & Yoga will be held on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays for $15.

Right Proper Brewing Company: 920 Girard St. NE, DC; 202-526-5904;

Beer & Yoga Venues in the DMV

Sixty-minute yoga session the first Saturday of every month, plus a pint of beer, for $15 at Aslin Beer Company: 257 Sunset Park Dr. Herndon, VA;

Hatha yoga for $10-$15 at BadWolf Brewing Company: 9776 Center St. Manassas, VA;

Vinyasa yoga on the last Monday of each month for $15 at Capitol City Brewing Company: 4001 Campbell Ave. Arlington, VA;

Vinyasa yoga on April 10 for $15 at DC Brau: 3178 Bladensburg Rd. NE, DC;

“Detox 2 Retox” every third Thursday of the month for $25 at Hellbender Brewing Co.: 5788 2nd St. NE, DC;

Beer yoga every Tuesday for $15 at Port City Brewing: 3950 Wheeler Ave. Alexandria, VA;

“DETOX-RETOX w/ Eat Yoga Drink” on the first Monday of each month for $15 atSehkraft Brewing: 925 N Garfield St. Arlington, VA;

Photo: Leah Cheston


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