Jacq Jill

In the Mix with Jacq Jill

“First name Jacq, last name Jill. I wanted to choose a name that I wouldn’t mind defining me in 30 years.” In 30 years, it’s possible that Jacq Jill’s name might define something much greater than just herself.

The past two years for 27-year old Dallas, Texas native and Washington, DC resident Lauren Wright have been nothing short of amazing. At one time a social work professional, a career detour has led her into not only the world of audio engineering, but DJing and production, too. Now, with a filling schedule in both the recording and DJ booth at Que Recording Studios, Jacq Jill is excited about her career to come, living in DC as its dance scene surges in global renown, and being a part of a family of local DJs and producers on the rise.

“I like those moments when as a DJ, I’m not just playing what the people want to hear, but I’m able to mix in my own tastes, and the energy on the dance floor rises.” Jacq Jill’s biggest set to date was at the legendary Howard Theatre just off of U Street in Northwest DC, and it was playing those unexpected selections and keeping the crowd on the dancefloor that proved to be quite inspirational. Inspiration is key to her developing career, as she notes that the DC scene has been “nothing but supportive,” counting names like developing local spinners and producers like Philco and Caleb L’Etoile amongst those in her corner.

“Though I’m not a DC native, I’ve tried to know the musical history of this community,” Jacq Jill tells On Tap. The DC area’s dance tastes historically trending towards a more soulful and funkier sound actually has proven to be quite important in her Djing exploits, too. “[In Dallas], sounds like neo-soul and more funkier grooves are known but not as well explored or enjoyed on the dancefloor as they are in DC. Discovering my love for those genres and being able to play them in the clubs has been important for me,” she says.

What separates Jacq Jill from other spinners is the attention she pays to precision in her sets. Noting a deep appreciation for the United Kingdom’s underground renowned house scene as an influence, the surgical precision in the how and why of tracks being strategically placed in sets has always important to that scene’s evolution. The sound engineer’s desire to mix a love of film score composition with people and music blends well in how she’s able to keep a dance floor motivated and engaged.

Though not mutually exclusive, many believe that those who excel as DJs in the modern era should also be contemplating making their own original productions a spin, too. This notion is not far from Jacq Jill’s mind, and key in her progression. “As the winter comes, I’m going to finally sit down and take those months to start writing some tracks. Hopefully, by the spring, I’ll have some productions ready for release.” She emphatically notes with an almost trademark self-assuredness, “I know that it’s time for me to do that.”

From the era of Thievery Corporation and Deep Dish to Nadastrom and Tittsworth to new breakout names like Gent and Jawns and Eau Claire, DC area residents expanding globally but keeping (sometimes) minimal ties to the DC area is a trend. Regarding what Jacq Jill thinks about her own future, she definitely feels similarly, yet different about retaining a link to DC. “I think that whatever I do in my career, I’m going to use DC as my home base. There’s greater opportunities here for growth, and I always want to maintain a deep tie to this community.” Another in what will likely be a new and long tradition of current generation dance stars-to-be calling the Nation’s Capital home, Jacq Jill’s name is growing synonymous with success.

To learn more about Jacq Jill www.jacqjillmusic.com follow her on Twitter @ itsjacqjill and Facebook Jacq-Jill.