Sarah, Ty and Mel

Sarah, Ty and Mel on All The Hits 107.3

Sometimes, a morning spent with friends makes for a better day overall. Thankfully for the DMV, the newest on air morning crew: Sarah Fraser, Ty Bentli and Melanie Glazener are willing to wake up with you and keep you company during your morning commute. What you can expect from the show, extreme “real talk” and witty banter without fake radio gimmicks and canned humor. This fresh group of friends plans to get you laughing, while also catching you up on the latest celebrity gossip, trending stories and hit music each morning.

About the Crew

Sarah: A veteran radio personality that’s been in the DC market for 6 years on HOT 99.5, but has now joined the Sarah, Ty, and Mel team on DC’s 107.3. You’ll hear Sarah talking about the most clickable/trending online topics and stories every morning at the top of every hour with her segment “The Click.”  What she’s excited about – doing a smart show that highlights strong women.

Ty: Self-professed adrenaline junkie who just moved his family from New York City to DC.  Ty suffers from a bit of a Netflixtion (he watches a lot of Netflix), eats a lot of peanut butter and is anxiously awaiting snowboarding season. #Sexy #NoEvidenceToSupportThat

Mel: A 26 year-old fashionista that just moved to the DMV from Tampa, FL. Mel’s voice is familiar to the DC market as well, since she too was on HOT 99.5 with Sarah. She’s excited to not only be living in the DMV, but also about offering listeners a real choice in what they listen to during their morning commute. She’ll give you the most up-to-the-minute celebrity gossip in her segment “The Rundown” at 20 past the hour, every hour on STM.

In a recent interview…

On Tap: Tell us a little about Sarah, Ty & Mel – the talk show and the hosts.
Sarah, Ty & Mel: STM is a real show that is leaving fake radio and phony phone calls behind. Our goal is to prove that real people in the DMV are just as entertaining and engaging as anything you could make up. We are local, interactive, and just a group of friends having fun every morning.

OT: How did you decide the show’s identity?
STM: It was important for us to bring real back into radio. We saw this show as an opportunity to do what we love and this time do it our way, the real way. We want to have honest conversations with our listeners every morning. Think of it as three friends hanging out and the listener is invited to hang with us too! The listener is so important in fact, that we’ve actually deemed them “the fourth member” of Sarah, Ty, and Mel.

OT: You seem to have a “no-holds-barred” approach on air. What is the reason for that?
STM: One of the great things about this team is that we trust the talent, humor and intelligence of each member around us. With that comes a fearlessness toward any topic or content that comes our way. Our brazen approach can be attributed to a desire to test our own limits, and challenge ourselves to grow (together) each morning!

OT: How do you plan to get away from fake radio gimmicks?
STM: This is going to be our biggest challenge. We feel that radio has used fake people and phony phone calls as a crutch for years. Frankly, it’s misleading to the audience and disappointing to our craft. The audience is smart.  We have the privilege of coming into their life every day and we think that people want hosts that are vulnerable, honest and entertaining. We’re going to provide them with original content and get the listener involved in unique ways.

OT: What do you like most about broadcasting to the DMV?
STM: The DMV is a home unlike any other market in this country.  The vibrancy and energy in our area is palpable!   We have the gift of sharing our lives with listeners who are smart and funny, and appreciate the ups and downs of real people. Plus, who doesn’t love a place where you can eat breakfast on the way to the Metro, lunch at a food truck and have happy hour on a rooftop!

Find out more about; STM Show Twitter: @stm1073; Sarah Fraser: @heyfrase; Ty Bentli: @tybentli Mel: @tweetmelg